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Your Favourite Brown Sugar BBT Is Now A Shampoo & Conditioner

BBT fans, don't get too excited hor. Bubble tea chain PiQiMi and haircare brand Renata has jumped on the bubble tea bandwagon to release a haircare range consisting of a shampoo and conditioner.

Made with real tea leaves, milk, honey and brown sugar, the bubble tea series does pay a great ode to one of the world's trendiest drink. The packaging even takes after this pearly favourite! Apart from these ingredients, they contain jojoba and olive oil to nourish your trusses.

According to PiQiMi, the shampoo and conditioner can also slow down the fading of dyed hair while keeping your strands soft and supple. Guar gum in the conditioner also helps protect your mane, introducing a natural sheen.

The brain behind this unique creation is Chien Peien, the owner of PiQiMi who is also a famed Taiwanese actress, who appeared in popular old-school dramas like Taiwan Tornado.

Where to buy

The retail price for the Bubble Milk Tea Shampoo is NT$660 (about S$31) and NT$760 (about S$36) for the Bubble Milk Tea Conditioner. While the shampoo and conditioner is not available in Singapore, we definitely hope to see it in Singapore soon! If you're desperate enough, there are websites like AirFrov* to try getting your hands on these products.

*Crowd-sourced buying may not be available currently due to international travel restrictions.

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