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Who They Are: 6 Inspiring Home Sewists To Go For Handmade Stuff, From Masks To Wedding Gowns

Our little red dot is home to many hidden talents, from the "Sticker Lady", Samantha Lo, to Mash-Up, an independent fashion collective by local designers whose designs have graced international brands sich as UNIQLO, Topshop, GAP and Onitsuka Tiger, among others.

Hiding behind these big names and creativity is a little-known troop of artists we call the sewists.

Sewist: a relatively new term, combining the words "sew" and "artist", to describe someone who creates sewn works of art, which can include clothing or other items made with sewn elements.

In fact, Singapore is home to people who can sew really well. As this group is surprisingly huge and filled with amazing talent, it can be daunting to even know where to start looking. Here, we've put together 6 sewists who peddle these crafts online.


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Established by a mother of 2, Yangthings is an online boutique store showcasing handmade accessories for mom and bub. You can find customised accessories from pillowcases and baby shoes to teething toys and bucket-styled sun hats. Her sons also make frequent appearances on her sites, modeling some of the finished products. Look how cute they are!

Inez Designs

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It's not every day that we can say we've been featured on Martha Stewart, but Inez Designs sure can. Its founder, Inez Tan, is an embroidery artist who makes things from earrings to display hoops. She is known for her free-hand, intricate designs which are made from drawings by children. According to the article on Martha Stewart,

Tan had the idea to team up with her 5-year-old, Miya, by transforming her drawings into stitched works of art. "She likes to doodle cute stick-like figures and I liked the imperfections in her drawings-very jagged and raw and precious."

How sweet!

Mama's Little Koala

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From face masks to IKEA chair covers, this home-based sewist offers up customisation for lifestyle objects. With choices of fabric and control over how the final product should look like, customers of Mama's Little Koala know they would be getting a unique, sometimes one-of-a-kind, purchase at the end of the day.

Ame Handmade

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It's not every day a girl walks down the aisle, so weddings can be a big deal. For many brides-to-be, one of the biggest headaches is choosing the right wedding gown. Ame Handmade offers handmade evening and wedding gowns, with look-books on its social media sites which are large enough to rival a full-blown bridal studio. Otherwise, those looking to alter dresses can also hit them up.


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Some businesses cater to a niche market. Sewfisticated is one of those, specifically those who want to modify their Jujube or Tokidoki bags. For the uninitiated, Jujube are known for their series of iconic diaper bags for parents.

Some of these bags can be sold for prices ranging in the hundreds - second hand - which gives you an idea of how precious some of these bags may be. Therefore, bag owners tend to choose reliable sewists to carry out a range of alteration works. Apart from bag modification, Sewfisticated offers customisation of other sorts as well as lifestyle items.

Kedai Koolcats

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As written on their website,

At Kedai Koolcats, we sprinkle cattitude on fabric and sew them into bags, pouches, accessories and cushions that are purrfect for cat lovers and cats.

Notice something yet? That's right, Kedai Koolcats offers hand-sewn products which scream of cats, and cats only. Their products feature cat decals or prints, and they even have cute cat-shaped cushions to up your catty game.

We hope the above has been an inspiration or struck a creative chord in you. Do you have an interest in sewing or the arts too? Habitat Singapore has recently launched a new initiative, Sew Much Love, to help low-income families sheltering against cold seasons around the region or vulnerable seniors in Singapore feeling the strain of social isolation during this pandemic. You can join in to sew a patch of fabric, which will be added to make a large quilt blanket.

To find out how to join in this project, head down to the Sew Much Love page here.

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