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What To Watch At GV Cinemas for $7 That’s Not Tenet

Credit: Universal Pictures / The Conversation

Hey Cinephiles and lobang-hunters! You can now bring your date, or your friends along to the movies again! Old news you say? Well, what if I told you that you can now watch a movie for just $7 at Golden Village Cinemas? ( Do note, however, that this discount is not applicable to the Golden Village Cinema at Capitol Theatre. )

This promotion will run from the 19 October to 22 October. Now you’re probably wondering just what you should see. And you’ve probably heard a whole lot about that Tenet movie. Well, what if you don’t feel like watching Tenet? No problem. Without further ado, here’s 3 movies you should watch at Golden Village Cinemas that’s not Christopher Nolan’s Tenet.

I’m Livin’ It (2019)

Credit: Media Asia

The title of the movie is a play on the chorus of McDonald’s jingle, I’m lovin’ it. Superstar Aaron Kwok stars in this movie about McRefugees, along with Miriam Yeung and Cheung Tat-ming. McRefugees, by the way, is what the homeless who sleep at McDonald’s restaurants every night in Hong Kong are called. Aaron Kwok plays Bowen, the glue that binds all the homeless together, their de-facto leader. To guarantee authenticity and accuracy, scriptwriter Ja Poon and director Danny Wong volunteered as social workers working with the homeless.

For his performance, comedian Cheung Tat-ming won Best Supporting Actor at the Hong Kong Film Awards in 2019.

Halloween (2018)

Credit: Universal Pictures

The original Halloween came to us in 1978. Two years ago, the franchise brought Scream Queen and star of the original Halloween, Jamie Lee Curtis, back to face off with Michael Myers. This is the Halloween franchise’s answer to Nightmare on Elm Street’s New Nightmare. In this movie, Jamie Lee Curtis’s Laurie Strode is older, wiser and worn-down by all her encounters with The Shape, Michael Myers. After a bunch of failed marriages and strained relationships, she finally re-emerges from her shell as a matter of necessity. Myers has escaped while being transferred to a maximum security prison from a mental institution and he's coming for her... Again.

Corpus Christi (2019)

Credit: Kino Świat

From Poland comes a tale of a convict-turned-priest. Bartosz Bielenia plays Daniel the convict, who plays Tomasz the priest. After being paroled, he is released into a small town to work in the lumberyard. Daniel, however, doesn’t quite feel like working at the lumberyard.

Fortunately for him, the town’s one priest had just left town in disgrace upon being found intoxicated. So he becomes his replacement, upon producing a priest’s shirt with collar and declaring himself a priest. Now he must look after the troubles of the small town and it turns out a small town can harbour a whole lot of pain, especially after a traumatic incident.

By the way, even though Corpus Christi is a relatively new movie, it has already won 36 prizes in 60 festivals and is on its way to being distributed in 50 countries. You’ll want to see this movie.

And that’s it! Remember, this offer will only run from 19 to 22 October so don’t wait! Text your crush now or make those plans with your pals and grab those tickets. Which of these movies would you like to watch?


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