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We Ruin Disney Movies For You By Uncovering These Dark Twists

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Disney movies have always maintained its optimistic outlook, even though dealing with difficult themes on many occasions, after all where we first came across concepts such as good and evil, morality and ethics as children in a safe environment. Along with Art Attack and Hi-5 on Kids Central for a healthy balance. But as kids we could’ve missed hints of something darker. Things that don’t make sense, until we’re adults who’ve seen the ugly truth. Warning for spoilers and spoiling your Disney childhood experience, here are 7 dark twists for the unsuspecting audience.

Captain Hook Might’ve Killed Ariel’s Mum

Credit: Wattpad

Remember when The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning served us the heartache; revealing the death of Queen Athena was at the hands of pirates? There’s a theory that the pirate is none other than the infamous Captain Hook! Don’t choke on that coffee, here’s why. In Peter Pan, there was a red-headed mermaid who looked pretty similar to young Ariel, the mermaids were quite afraid of Hook and his goons. It’s not hard to think he could’ve easily murdered them if crossed. His tyranny knows no ends, even expanding into another Disney movie (uncanonically).

Where’re The Humans?

Credit: Vanity Fair

It is strange now that you think about it, how is it all the cars in the Cars universe doing their thing? And if all Disney movies are in the same huge universe, where are the humans? It just gets creepier the more you think about it. The theory here is that the cars are actually advanced, sentient AIs who basically took over the world, eradicating humans from the planet. But the previous owners of these cars fused with their vehicles, giving our lovable cast their personalities. Yup, there’s no going back now.

Anna & Elsa’s Parents

Credit: Cinema Blend

Although the canonical end of their parents has been confirmed, it’s still interesting to entertain the popular alternative of them becoming Tarzan’s parents. Rather than dark, it’s quite sad to think that the former King and Queen never got to see their children grow up to be the heroes of their stories. Wow, okay that just got sombre real quick. In this fan fiction on crack edition of the story, Anna and Elsa are Tarzan’s distant sisters. It was speculated that maybe, they survived the shipwreck and was washed ashore to where Tarzan was set in. It’s a stretch, but who’s to say it can’t be true?

Peter Pan’s Not Alive

Credit: disneyscreencaps

Here’s an odd one, but what’s not in this list eh? In Peter Pan the Lost Boys don’t age a day, living in a remote place that feels awfully like another realm entirely. And when you think about Peter Pan himself, it’s a magical being who whisks away children who doesn’t want to grow up, to a nice place where they can live forever. Do you see where this is going? Doesn’t it sound like the afterlife? That’s right! The crazy theory here’s that Peter Pan is actually an angel of death, who brings children to a better place! Oh boy, now it’s just all fancy parties and sparkly pixie dust anymore.

Carl’s Going Up

Credit: Pixar Wiki

Not to make Up anymore heart breaking than it is, but here’s why this theory will make you sob watching it again after reading this. Keeping with the theme here, Carl and Russell managed to up and haul the house into another place (or realm?) called Paradise Falls. Whisking away in Disney language seems to translate to, perhaps, accepting and entering death. All’s cool, or not. Seeing it this way, the whole story of Up was Carl’s passing. Russell is actually an angel earning his wings, and Charles Muntz is a fallen angel. A lot of death rolling down this list, and we’re not done yet folks!

Simba’s Last Encounter With Scar

Credit: Fandom

This was the iconic fight of good and evil, more importantly for Simba to reclaim what was rightfully his! So ensues the brutal big cat fight! We all probably remember the end of Scar; in the animated film not the National Geographic version. Right before he was devoured by the very coyotes he manipulated, Simba returned his uncle the infamous line that started his journey, to run and never come back. Here’s a psychological theory, Scar couldn’t comprehend that his nephew was being the better person-lion, all he ever knew was to live or to be defeated. That is why Scar stubbornly clung to his position as King of the Jungle, which ultimately ended in his demise. A smashing life lesson there.

Wall-E & Buy-N-Large

Credit: csmonitor

Before jumping into this last theory, can we all in unison appreciate how adorable Wall-E is? Our little sentient cuber’s primary task was to clean up after us, after all the rampant consumerism and irresponsible actions of our modern-day commodities. All that’s left in our wake is the incomprehensible amount of trash, leaving earth to be our biggest dumpster. We truly know no ends, but you know what’s worse? A conglomerate business made up of many humans working to further their selfish gains, ­way worse.

See, it’s not that hard to think that Buy-N-Large could be responsible for leading humanity to its end on Earth. Forcing humans into space. If we’re in space, and the only way to survive is to comply to this business’ means of living, they are basically placed in-charge of the rest of humanity. If you think this is insane, it’s already happening somewhere right now.

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