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Ways To Get Over A Break Up

A break up can feel like the biggest misery you’ll ever experience; nothing will feel right or be right for a while. Life doesn’t wait on you; it moves while you want everything to just stop. It’s okay to feel all the grief, and the emptiness that comes. But you can’t stay at the bottom forever, here are some titbits on moving forwards at your own pace.

Your Friends Are Here To Help

Being alone in the early stages is not advised, help re-orientate yourself to this new chapter in the company of your close friends. Leaning on your friends to help you through this period might do you good; go on lunch dates, binge on Netflix or play games together. But be mindful, as they also have their own commitments and responsibilities.

Make New Routines

Through the haze, small changes in your daily routines might’ve started without you realizing fully. Now’s a good time to actively transform your old habits. Shift the attention back to yourself at your pace; start writing in a journal, cook regular meals if you haven’t, go for regular walks. Take up new hobbies, occupy yourself in habitual distractions for now. You can dedicate some time in the day to talk to your family and friends, strengthening bonds where they should be.

Purge The Old

We’d recommend to do this with a close friend or family. A big shift physically directly affects us emotionally and mentally, like re-arranging your room or home. Removing trinkets and gifts from the previous relationship if you’re wholly willing to, attuning your space to be yours again. Putting up your personal décor, maybe some old posters you took down, or that new moon lamp you always wanted.

Constructive Venting

It sounds a little cliché, but hey it’s proven to help! Venting out through arts and crafts can be meaning for your healing. Take it from someone who has written a whole book about a traumatic rejection, exploring the pain through art gives you the space to reflect on not just the bad but good as well. Or make your own mixtape AKA playlist, express yourself and what you feel through your taste in music.

Block Their Contacts

Going on the same concept of ‘you don’t need the reminder’, you really don’t need the reminder. It’s ok to miss them, to want to see them, but it’s not healthy to constantly see what you’re ‘missing’. Talk with your trusted people, having them with you through the bad days is much better than self-destructing alone; trying to unblock them to stalk their feeds.

Indulge In Work

This is a double-edged sword, being productive can be good for you, but only in moderation. There’s an importance in the silence and quiet with yourself. As you’re easing into singlehood, do the chores, finish up on work or a personal project you had to put off. Community work is perfect for to give yourself that bigger-picture knowing, because the vision can get really narrow during this difficult period.

It’s Ok To Relapse

So, you’ve been taking all the steps to move on, actively occupying your time every day, but on some days you just can’t do it. And that’s perfectly normal! Recovery and healing are not linear paths, you will backtrack on some days. It will be frustrating, but it is not forever and you’re not where you once were at.

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