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Watch Out! Avoid These 6 Faux Pas Designing Your Interior!

Credit: theinteriorlab

Have you ever stepped into someone’s home and thought - #OMG what is this mess? It’s more common than you think, to have a room that either screams in confusion or boredom. But it can be easily tweaked to your fix, with a little Marie Kondo de-cluttering and update in stylistic choices, ah but do you know what choices not to make? These are the faux pas to avoid while making your design decisions!

Open Storage, Open Clutter

Credit: ourtribeof5_

This is a rather straight forward tip! Give open shelving and display areas more attention. As these areas on your home are open visual spots, whatever you put in them, becomes the design too. So, try not to show off a chaotic mess, but a tasteful mix of your own collection and some decorative items, it’s your prime chance to showcase your artistic facet!

What’s recommended?

Credit: ikea

Why not incorporate a stylish wall shelf that lets you hang your barang too? MÅNSARP ($49.90) is a display and accessories rack, that helps make finding things convenient and looking sleek!

Plain Jane furniture sets

Credit: idesignerlab

One designer pet peeve is to buy a full set of furniture off a catalogue, and plonk that whole package into which desired space. #BignNoNo Why? Even though it’s one of the easiest ways to fill up a room, the visual design will fall flat. By putting together more unique pieces, using different textures, it helps to show your personality and adds visual interest! You’re not creating a hotel room; you’re carving your own unique space!

What’s recommended?

Credit: Shopee

How about a quirky slice of bread ($9.81 - $26.01)? It’s a cushion versatile for many uses. It’s rather easy to pair with contemporary furniture sets and pet friendly too! It’s the small things that help make your house your home.

Trends don’t last forever

Credit: v.ii.n.s

It’s the golden rule not to follow too closely with current trends; the hot-new-fad will turn into a design eyesore in months. So, try not to go too big and bold with it! Painting your 4 walls in full sunshine yellow might not be the most ideal way of incorporating trendy themes. Slot those concepts and ideas in small doses, to highlight your space!

What’s recommended?

Credit: Shopee

Into funky, retro-styled centre pieces? Put up this vinyl wall clock ($26.12) instead of oversaturating your sofas and chairs in Art Deco, your eyes and wallet will thank you in the near future!

More than just one light

Credit: renonation

Having a well-lit home is much more than having sufficient lightings installed! To use lights as an element in your design, you need to create dynamism in the space. How? Layer different light sources at different heights.

You could add a floor lamp to your living room, or run cove lights below some wall features. Even a simple bedside lamp can help elevate the ambience of the room!

What’s recommended?

Credit: Shopee

With 3 different light colours to shuffle through, and it’s portable yet cute design, this moon lamp ($2.50 - $25.90) might be your new favourite bedside companion to have! Easily adding a fun layer to your room, while keeping the cosy ambience intact.

Let the walls breathe

Credit: renonation

If you’re someone who believes that every room in your apartment needs an in-built furniture, you might end up in a room looking smaller than it should be. Throw in some loose cabinets, shelving, let the walls exist and be seen! Don’t shove all your stuff up against the wall, pull them back a little, it’ll help give an illusion of more space.

Plus, with a more flexible arrangement, you can afford to change things up at your convenience! #WinWin

What’s recommended?

Credit: ikea

Besides giving space to your sofas and armchairs, you could opt for loose furniture that has open designs. Take PINNIG ($129), it’s clean lines and open design allows the walls to be seen which seemingly makes the piece less bulky!

Keep it simple and easy

Credit: seihome.sg

There’s a reason why MUJI home living sections are so pleasing and cosy; it’s warm, organic and timeless. Yet there’s so much room to play with its configuration! Your space doesn’t need to become a Frankenstein collection of many clashing design styles and themes, there should be 1 prominent style or concept to keep things cohesive.

Future-proof your style, don’t fall into the trap of getting the most unique looking items, and stitching them all into a disaster of a tapestry!

What’s recommended?

Credit: Muji

One way to keep things in track, is to have a running theme of the same kinds of texture or vibes. An example to keep things earthy and organic, throw in a cotton handwoven rug ($43) next to your wooden bed frame. It works because these items are of the same design concept!

Making a tastefully designed space isn’t about going all in at once, there should always be space to change things up as we are constantly evolving in our wants and needs. A good design is one that prepares the current you for the future!

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