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Uniqlo Airism Mask Still A Hot Item, Has Nearly Disappeared From Carousell

Credit: Uniqlo Suntec City

Uniqlo launched its Airism mask in Singapore to much fanfare on the 24th of August. Unsurprisingly, demand was huge and there were long lines offline and heavy traffic online. Uniqlo was prepared, however, since this was not their first rodeo. After all, the Airism masks sold out during the 1st day of their launch in Japan, earlier this year on the 20th of June.

According to Yahoo News Singapore, each person who queued up for the masks on the 24th of August waited for an average of 15 minutes. Uniqlo also implemented a hard limit of 2 packs of masks a day for shoppers in person. For those who preferred to purchase their masks online, they were also limited to one pack per size and colour.

Hours later, the first masks appeared on Carousell. As of the time of writing this article, however, on the 26th of August, the masks have all but disappeared on Carousell.

Currently, there is just one listing for $8 a piece, roughly $3 more than Uniqlo’s original selling price.

But Does It Live Up To The Hype?

According to 2 reporters from English language news blog SoraNews24, which is based in Tokyo, Japan, the masks don’t quite live up to the hype. Both reporters are full of praise about its initial comfort level but quickly come to realise that the masks are not a good fit for any kind of hot weather.

A TodayOnline reporter, however, gives the Airism high marks in a review published on the 20th of August and describes it as being one of the “lighter, more breathable and comfortable masks” they have tried.

Reselling For Profit

While images of the Airism mask going for up to $35 a pack on Carousell went viral quickly after its launch here in Singapore, they were also fetching a handsome price online in Japan.

Credit: @pixta_ayamamoto

2850 Yen is about $36.70 SGD per pack!

But that’s only if you’re already in Japan.

Elsewhere on Ebay, a pack of Airism masks from New York City will set you back a staggering $60 USD, which is about $82 Singapore dollars!

Credit: ebay.com

All that doesn’t even include shipping.

The good news is that there is no need to panic, if you are dead set on the Airism. A quick glance at the Singaporean social media sphere shows Singaporeans are still snapping up the mask and it looks like the long waiting times are a thing of the past.

Even cats can get them now.

Are you a fan of Uniqlo’s sleek, clean designs? Will you be getting the Airism masks?

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