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The Unsung Heroes Of Weird, Cringey & Hilarious SG TikTok Videos!

Credit: from left, @1001_moment and @winstoncwf

There’s a range of SG TikTok videos; from the super funny and entertaining, to the cool and entrancing, and finally the ones we try not to think too hard about. Or completely glossed over. But you’d never know what sort of hidden gems you might unearth, digging around for the lesser known TikTok videos! #PotentialFound

We’ll be ranking these videos on these 3 factors; Originality, Cringey & LOL. Which video will be the greatest because it’s so bad? Get ready your faces, we’re about to jump straight into this list of potentially cringey & hilarious TikToks!

Disclaimer: This is purely for entertainment, no shade no tea.

Lowkey looks like a club, or iLight

Credit: @ilralove

There’s the basis of a song and a series of gestures following the song, but what’s with that Iron Man’s core looking flashlight? Why is he in the dark? Many questions, but no answers. The is probably aesthetic is lost on many, much #confusion is left. But props to his creative use of the environment, or lack thereof in the absolute darkness!

Originality – 4/5, for the lighting effect lah

Cringey – 4/5, because of the lighting also

LOL – 2/5, too confused to laugh

Total score: 10/15

Um…are your shoulders okay bro?

Credit: @kennny.tjw

Another ‘follow the song’ type of video, but more specific to the lyrics this time! All about the details y’all. However, whatever the lyrics meant doesn’t matter because! The blaring techno music and his one-shoulder pop-locking, is enough for us to wonder why were we staring at this video. #OhGosh But hey, he has rhythm and a nice filter?

Originality – 2/5, easily forgotten content

Cringey – 3/5, cool filter the saving grace

LOL – 4/5, facial expressions on point

Total score: 9/15

Is this an E-Boy trend?

Credit: @aaronor_

We all know where this is going, we most certainly do. The unveiling after said ‘new TikTok crush’ pulls his hand away, is going to be your new oppa! No less with that E-Boy aesthetics and vibe he exudes, guessing that’s probably his TikTok brand. #Shivers So many things to say but none of the words can encapsulate, moving on!

Originality – 1/5, this trend is oversaturated

Cringey – 5/5, top-tier cringe

LOL – 2/5, if you laughed, it’s because of the top-tier cringe

Total score: 8/15

This is RH, ladies and gentlefolks

Credit: @rave_h

That’s right everyone, he’s RH! Who? One of our many local SG Tiktokers. Making a high-quality, full-on with the digital lens flares and purple flames, introduction to the great expanse of the app. Also, his outfit’s reminiscent to 2010s Justin Bieber fashion. #MadRespect

Originality – 3/5, creative effects but the clothes-change trend needs to die

Cringey – 5/5, “I’M RH” takes the crown lah

LOL – 3/5, the humour is in the not-so-subtle weird flex

Total score: 11/15

It’s a challenge alright!

Credit: @y77fundancer

One can say this is a creative take on the #MoneyHeistChallenge; we’ve got gunshots and a short boogie at the end! Performance Art? Maybe. This off-shoot version of the challenge certainly is putting more question marks above our heads, but A+ for creative spin-offs!

Originality – 5/5, full workout for this Tiktok leh

Cringey – 2/5, confusion taking the lead here

LOL – 3/5, because of confusion, and the short boogie at the end

Total score: 10/15

Should we be concerned, confused or both?

Credit: @c.vrmenn

There’s been an uptick on XMM content in the recent years, and you might find a few of those videos landing on the angsty side of things, teenage phase? Well for starters, this one shows a list of ‘self-exposed confessions’ of this young girl, in an ominous red filter. With her posing casually in the background, of course.

Okay, she needs a nice cup of BBT to sweeten up all that bitterness. And an adult to remind her that she’s just a kid! #LiveLaughLove

Originality – 2/5, exposing yourself is a concept now

Cringey – 5/5, XMM needs to chill

LOL – 1/5, it’s hard to laugh at teenage angst

Total score: 8/15

Cats are possessing everyone!

Credit: @xenn No matter the content, theme, or challenge there will always be a guy with long fringe and the need to run their fingers through their luscious locks. Just for that moment of suave-ness. Now with the added context that this lad is trying to be as cute as a cat, or the baby in the audio. But the burning question is; how is he not caught by his school’s discipline master for that long lush fringe? It’s way past his brows! That’s the true pressing matter here!

Originality – 1/5, say it with us: OVERSATURATED TREND

Cringey – 5/5, why is this cat trend even a thing?

LOL – 2/5, good expressions but, not enough to be a saving grace

Total score: 8/15

A rather close competition, many neck-to-neck final scores! But only 1 can be the greatest, and who dat be?

Credit: @rave_h

IT’S THE ONE AND ONLY RH! Of course, the swagger and #bawse flex, the competition clearly couldn’t keep with this guy’s #fyp level. Coming in hot with 11 out of 15, an A+ score!

But with all jokes (and cringing) aside, these are all made for entertainment! They might not be your cup of tea; we have to respect the creativity and effort put into these videos. Even as cringey and mildly questionable as they can get.

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