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The Return of KFC Coupons

Credit: KFC

Look out, lovers of fried chicken! KFC coupons are back! Want some breakfast? They’ve got the coupons. Want to snack on some egg tarts? They’ve got the coupons.

Credit: icanhas.cheezburger.com

Everybody in the house craving for some KFC? They’ve got the coupons! Enjoy a 10 piece chicken set, a 10 piece tenders set and 3 medium fries for only $29.95 instead of the usual $60!

Credit: Warner Bros

Or maybe, you just want a meal for two? They also have a set of 2 Zingers and 2 cheese fries for $10.95 instead of the usual $20.30.

Credit: @maruhanamogu

Worried you’ll still be hungry? How about the BBQ Pocket Sharing Feast, which comes with 2 medium fries, a 4 piece chicken set and 2 BBQ Pockets?

Credit: Disney

These offers are valid until 12 September so you have plenty of time to take advantage of… all of them.

Credit: Nickelodeon

Want more details? Head over to the KFC website now to grab some e-coupons.

What’s your favourite KFC meal? What coupons are you looking forward to claiming the most?


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