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The Projector: Now Streaming In Your Home!

Credit: celluloidjunkie

Looking at Golden Mile Tower, you wouldn’t think that The Projector would be there. But maybe that is the point. The Projector is a cinema that was started by three women and opened its doors in 2014.

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They are known for showing little-known local fare, from fiction to documentaries as well as anything you won’t find at big name cinema operators. Right now, they have a Mexican Film Festival, a Pink Screen Festival, a Virtual Italian Film Festival AND an ArchiFest Film Festival.

Credit: Golden Mile Tower

Looking at the “our story” section of their website, one can sense the founders’ pride at beating the odds and carving out a space for themselves in Singapore. There are some decidedly oasis-like qualities to The Projector, as a refuge for lovers of cinema in an unlikely space. As a spanking new indie cinema that opened in 2014, residing in a building that was built in 1972 and looks like it was never renovated.

Credit: hungryonion

Now that the pandemic has made that unlikely space a little more inaccessible to some, The Projector has started The Project Plus, a movie-on-demand service for all who love the experience of going to The Projector to surprise themselves with the cinema’s impeccable selection.

Now you can see what The Projector has to offer at home and experience on your own couch!

Credit: Nickelodeon

Signing up for an account is free and as part of their launch, each movie now only cost $10 to screen right in your home.

The aforementioned Pink Screen Festival and the Virtual Italian Film Festival are part of Projector Plus, so you can even plan a themed movie party night with your loved ones. Catch anything from an animated movie (My Life As A Zucchini) to a romantic movie (Portrait of A Lady on Fire), to a comedy (The Man Who Bought The Moon).

Credit: Praesens-Film / Gébéka Films

Thinking about visiting The Projector in person? Maybe you can go see a movie with a friend and then catch over some Mookata at the nearby Golden Mile Complex. Curious about what else is showing on The Projector Plus? Come on over to their webpage and find out what you can watch at home today.


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