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The McMinions Have Returned And They Bring New Treats

Credit: @punproxl

Come 4th September, you can no longer get Doraemon-themed toys with your Happy Meals. But! The Minions, the derpy pill-shaped servants of Evil Most Terrible, will return, with McDonald’s Happy Meals.

Credit: @mayawoen

They will also be back in the form of Minion Potatoes, as well as on the bottle of McDonald’s new signature sauce – the Smoky Nacho Cheese sauce. Also, the face of a Minion will grace the cone of every Melon Waffle Cone. And that’s not even all of the new and exciting new treats that McDonald’s is offering.

Credit: McDonald's Singapore

McDonald’s is also launching the Yuzu Cream Cheese Pie at just $1.50.

Credit: McDonald's Singapore

The Melon Waffle Cone at $2.00, coming to all Dessert Kiosks.

Love chicken nuggets and can’t get enough? Great news! From 3rd September onwards, the 9 piece nugget set will be $5 instead of the usual $6.35!

Credit: Village Drunk

As usual, the Minion Potatoes will be $2 for 6 pieces.

Speaking of Minions, McDonald’s Minion Happy Meal Toys will feature 35 designs and counting! New designs will be released every week. All of them will come inside a minion capsule, like this:

Credit: @Tangledintoys

Among the many will be a rare golden minion.

Credit: @miwseung

Are you a fan of the Despicable Me series? What will you get from McDonald’s when 4th September is here?

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