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The Looterature Campaign Wants You To Read While You Poo

Credit: Looterature

Nearly everyone is guilty of using their phone on the toilet. After all, what’s the first thing you reach out for when you wake up? Looterature wants you to read books instead of texting while you’re seated on the porcelain throne. The campaign is a collaboration between Swedish audiobook service StoryTel, British creative agency WPP and local ad agency Geometry.

Basically, what I’m saying is, brains all over the world were pooled together to ponder this question: how can we make reading books on the loo a thing again?

Credit: Etsy

What Looterature came up with was decking out a bunch of port-a-loos in themes consistent with the books they are representing. Feeling the Halloween spirit? How about listening to Dracula while you’re relieving yourself? Feel like you’d rather go down the rabbit hole than stay in 2020? Alice In Wonderland’s available to listen to as well. There’s also War of The Worlds and Moby Dick.

Here's what the cubicles look like:

Credit: Looterature

By the way, some Singaporeans have already made deposits in these colourful port-a-loos earlier this year, when they were in service at the Garden Beats Festival at Fort Canning Park.

The idea is that if the book resonates with the user, they’ll be able to scan a QR Code to receive the book on their phones. They can then continue reading at their leisure within the 30-day free trial period!

You can see Looterature’s campaign video here.

Personally, I feel that the campaign needs a little tweaking to captivate Singaporean audiences.

Credit: hongkonginthe60s

How about copies of old Old Master Q put on a string inside the port-a-loo, secured by wooden clothes pegs? The outside could be done up to look like 70s Singapore, with a ramshackle wooden kampung finish.

Or a selection of tales from Russell Lee’s evergreen True Singapore Ghost Stories series. Select the oldest, most beat-up port-a-loo. Drape red string and banana leaves all over the outside and slap on a Chinese talisman on the front door for good measure.

What kind of books would you like to listen to when you’re doing No. 2? Have you ever read while on the loo?


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