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The Best Desk Accessories For Those Who Are #BackToWork

It’s not easy re-adjusting life back into the office; we had spent months staying home and it might’ve turned some of us into hermits! With a new balance of life, comes changes happening especially in our working spaces. Change can be challenging, so here’s a list of neat little things to bring to your desk to help with this changing times!

Hand Sanitisers

Credit: Touchland

First on the list are our trusty hand sanitisers! Aside from the usual store-bought squeeze bottles, we’d recommend trying out Touchland’s brand of power mist hand sanitisers. Not only they look good, they smell and feel good. Their sanitizers help moisturise our skin, instead of leaving our skins paper dry or grossly sticky.

Buy it here.

Portable Diffusers

A sleek and effective gadget, diffusers can act as a humidifier if you’re not keen on using essential oils to diffuse with. Most models serve as small lamps too, giving you that nice cozy effect! If you’re interested to get some sweet scents together with a diffuser, we recommend this local brand Essentially Oils, because #shoplocal. They advocate for safe usage of oils, using only organic and natural ingredients. All products are handmade by their aromatherapist, so any queries will be answered by an expert!

Buy it here.

Stainless Steel Cups

Alright, it’s becoming a trope to say ‘get stainless steel cups’ now. We see it everywhere and every time, it can kind of a turn off. So why is it in this list? Whenever you need a coffee fix, all you have to do is to head over to the pantry, that’s it! It’s super convenient and lessens waste by a huge margin! You save time and energy heading out to the nearest kopitiam, saving the planet in the same space too. Cool, isn’t it? What’s even better? You can choose a wide variety from Shopee SG.

Cable Clips

A messy table can help boost creativity, and also accumulate dirt and dust. Fuss-free solution? Lazada SG has cute little cable clips that can easily keep stray wires tangling all over your tabletop, and they also add small splashes of colour if you want to liven up the décor! Simple and accessible, there’s no reason not to have one by your desk!


Did you know that succulents continue to produce oxygen through the night? Our little plant friends can help purify the air, why not keep one! The Green Capsule offers a myriad of options to house these little green buddies, from customizable terrariums to tiny affordable baby succulents. Resilient types, they can survive in hot and dry climates, making them the perfect office plant babies to litter your desk with!

Buy it here.

Mask Holder

While we are definitely not taking off our masks when in the office, this becomes inevitable during lunchtime. Most of us don't think much about it and simply remove the masks while eating, stringing it on the arms or simply placing it on the table. Imagine how many masks that table has touched since you sat down? Bringing along a mask holder protects yourself and the people around you, keeping things hygienic and safe for all. There are lots of pretty mask holders around, so you can check them out at shopping sites like Shopee SG!

Enjoy BTW!

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