Take Off: Virtual Vacations Around The World… For Free

Boo hoo. We can’t jet-set around the world anywhere out of Singapore during this period, not even to Johor Bahru to stock up on our daily necessities, contact lenses and cheap pretzels.

You’re stuck here but this doesn’t mean you can’t continue to explore the world… all you need is the internet! Check out these virtual tours that include exploring world heritage sites, a front-row seat on theme park rides and animal-watching!

Keep your passports and bon voyage!

Climb the Great Wall of China

Credit: greatwallfestival

Oh.Em.Gee. With over 2300 years of history behind this awe-inspiring sight, the Great Wall of China was once a military defensive system with watchtowers, fortresses, command posts and millions of soldiers. Even with the virtual tour, this longest wall in the world is not an easy feat to comb through in a day. This interactive map is the first step to see if you have what it takes to achieve this feat in your lifetime!

Enter the Taj Mahal

Credit: addictedtravellers

The Taj Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. You can check this off your bucket list for this virtual tour gives you the majestic view of the mausoleum as well as the architecture inside it. Some of the areas are even cordoned off to in-person visitors, so take this chance to see it!

Ride Rollercoasters From Home

No theme parks to satisfy your adventure thrills? No problem. Here’s a front-row seat ticket to experience the ride virtually. Head to Themeparktube for serial park-goers to explore rides found around the world, or try out 360-degree videos of popular rides like Jurassic Park River and Disney’s Frozen Ever After.

Explore Theme Parks Like Never Before

Credit: Xplorit

Not a thrill-seeker? We’ve got you covered. If you are one of those who loves to tag along to theme parks for the ‘view’ (erm, why, seriously?) then this is for you. #SaveMoney Shop for your Hogwarts supply list at Universal’s Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley, or visit LEGOLAND’s brick world, not forgetting the Google street view of the ‘happiest place on Earth’, Disneyland!

#GetSchooled at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Credit: ellaegi

Here’s a tip to sound smart(er): Read up! Or in this case, explore one of the most visited museums in the world - the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History virtually! Housing over 145 million specimens of animals, fossils, artefacts and even human remains, skip the crowds and get schooled pick up new knowledge along the way.

Take A Peek Inside The Chauvet Cave

Credit: archaeologicalconservancy

A look inside the Chauvet Cave is one of the reasons why I love virtual tours. The 36,000-year-old art gallery, normally closed to the public, is now ‘opened’ to everyone in the world. Explore the ancestral treasure which hosts some of the oldest cave drawings in the world. Also, with Daisy Ridley’s voice as my audio guide - the Force is strong with this one - what more can I ask for?

Relax and Try New Things With Club Med

Credit: Club Med

Before your say goodbye to your holidays, Club Med has curated a range of online content for the sobbing wanderlusts out there. From follow-along yoga routines to kid activities and cocktail tutorials, your from-home holiday mood just got a little better. Of course, admire the 360° views of gorgeous destinations from winter Alps to sunny beaches.

Stare At Adorable Animals

Before you argue with your cat and dog videos - yes, we dig those too - hear us out. Now you can watch LIVE feeds of animals online! #Squeals. If you have half a day to spare, watch how these creatures live in their natural habitats, or scan the videos for some ‘action’. From elephants to African wildlife, penguins and OTTERS!

Blast Off To Outer Space With NASA

Credit: NASA Johnson

"Bye world, I’m off to another planet!” - says all humans ever. Now you can… kinda. Thanks to NASA, we can now explore some really cool virtual space tours to learn more about the universe, life in space and even view the fleet of spacecrafts! My favourite has to be the #roomtour of the legendary International Space Station by Commander Suni Williams; stunning 360° visualisations of the planets and galaxies around us and more.

Appreciate the Northern Lights

Credit: ig_auroraborealis

Perhaps the most natural and beautiful light show in the world, the Northern Lights is definitely on our travel bucket list, but this stargazing trip has just been a tad easier with live-streaming platforms of the night sky. You can camp out in the comfort of your home like you would in real life, we’re not judging. You can even chat with fellow chasers for some motivation.

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