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Student Plays Pokemon Emerald on Watermelon While On MRT

Credit: Cedrick Tan, nonosandragons

A post appeared on the r/singapore subreddit early this morning. About half a day later, it is buzzing with awards, likes and admiring comments. The subject? A custom console made out of a watermelon that you can play Pokemon Emerald on.

Credit: Cedrick Tan

Describing himself as a student from Singapore Management University studying Information Systems with a major in Business Analytics and Marketing, Cedrick Tan started this project as a joke but eventually got seriously into it.

Credit: Cedrick Tan

He describes the contraption as “a watermelon with a rpi3b+ and some wires thrown in”.

For those that also had to google, rpi3b+ refers to a Raspberry Pi Model 3 B+. It is part of a series of Raspberry Pi computers which are tiny single-board computers developed in the United Kingdom by the Raspberry Pi foundation.

Naturally, the next step after completing his special project was to bring it onto the train and nonchalantly game on it while people stared.

Credit: Cedrick Tan Some redditors are already asking for a durian version.

Credit: reddit.com Others pointed out that the watermelon looked sort of suspicious…

Credit: reddit.com

What are some projects you got into during the circuit breaker? Would you post about your experience on the internet?

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