Still Feeling Bored Post-CB? Try Picking Up These Hobbies

Congratulations! You survived Circuit Breaker (CB), stopping yourself from heading out unnecessarily. We’re not too sure about the self-discipline when it comes to online shopping, but we are not here to judge because I am guilty as charged.

As we prepare to enter Phase 1 of post-CB, many of us will still be spending more time at home. Ever caught yourself sighing and lamenting about how bored you are at home and not sure what should you be doing? Well, you are not alone. So here are some fuss-free and interesting hobbies you can pick up – whether you are filling time between online classes or just wanting to learn something new.

Staying at home doesn’t mean you have to be bored.

Jigsaw Puzzles

You can get your puzzles online via Perfect Fit and Jigsaw Puzzle World.

Start A Blog

If you love writing or putting our thoughts in words, why not start a blog to convey those inner monologues into interesting blog posts for the world to see? Sure, this is not the time where you can be posting about the newest café in Tanjong Pagar or review the latest movie out in cinemas, but there are tons of other topics you can write about that interest you.

It’s a great way to express yourself and it definitely helps you to become a better writer. This blog can also be your personal website where you can showcase your portfolio to potential head-hunters and future hiring managers.

The best part about starting a blog is that it’s free! Wordpress is an easy platform to start with and there are tons of blog templates to choose from.


Colouring isn’t just for kids, it’s for all ages, okay! In fact, it is a great hobby for adults and we’ve seen the popularity of those adult colouring books a few years ago, remember? For many people, the activity of colouring is calm and therapeutic, a kind of meditation that lets you forget your worries and troubles for a while. Colouring also feeds the creative side of your mind and there is no judgement as to how or what you want to colour!

If you have one of those books lying around at home, now is the time to whip it out and start colouring again! If you don’t own one, a quick browse on Carousell or Shopee will do the job. Alternatively, you can also download printable images online.


Some of you may argue that organising isn’t a hobby but a chore. I beg to differ. Rather than thinking of it as an entire overhaul of your house, organising can simply be rearranging the stuff in your drawer, clearing out your wardrobe or even shifting files and folders around on your computer desktop. You may even reminisce the good times when you browse through your past photographs and videos.

Take advantage of the time at home to do the arranging and straightening up of the stuff you have been meaning to do so for several years now. This 2-hour activity will help you in the long run.

Sell Stuff Online

We all want to make some quick cash, don’t we? We are not asking you to open an online business straight away, but rather, sell your preloved items - new or used - to earn some money. If you have some items at home where it is still in good condition or functional but you don’t want it anymore, consider selling it to someone who will have a better use for it!

Carousell is a great platform for Singapore residents to get some cheap(er) products, as well as quirky stuff you may not be able to find online that easily. From books to mugs, soft toys or K-pop merchandise, there are tons of products on the app. Just remember to be polite to your buyers and sellers, and think about the delivery fee when you list your items.


Mastering the skill of photography takes years but there’s no harm in improving your framing skills right now. Even if you do not own a DSLR or a digital camera, a phone will do the job.

Apart from learning about framing your subject, there are other aspects to this highly-valued skill such as the amount of lighting, the aperture, ISO, etc. Take your time to experiment with the functions and snap as many photos to learn on-the-go. Use this time to check out editing software and apps to give your photograph that extra wow factor. Nikon offers a range of photography courses from beginner to advanced learners.

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