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Steamboat BBQ Takeaway Sets From $19.90 With Free BBQ Plate Or Hotpot

Credit: Happy Pot

Hotpot and BBQ meals are one of the most popular group dining concepts for us Singaporeans, so it's no wonder many hotpot-BBQ restaurants have upped their game and offered delivery services to bring this communal dining experience right into our homes.

We've heard of mookata, steamboat and Korean BBQ delivery, but most of them require us to return the cooking sets and utensils to them after the meal. So we're extremely hyped up to know about Happy Pot, which not only offers delivery but also throws in the pot or grilling plate for free!

Yes, you heard right. Happy Pot does not require customers to return the disposable grill or plate because the food utilises mineral oil to cook the food. Their set meal ranges from $19.90 to $59.90, and the portions are good for one to two, and four to five persons respectively.

There's a wide variety of ingredients to choose from, and servings are pretty good-sized. For example, the Kurobuta Hotpot Deluxe Set ($35.90) is served in a yuan yang hotpot and comes with two choices of soup bases (mala, tomato, herbal chicken, tonkotsu or laksa) and meat slices like kurobuta pork collar and pork belly as well as seafood like hotate scallops and grey prawns. Sounds like a good deal!

Delivery is free for orders above $60, or else the fee is charged at $12.

Happy Pot

Address: 36 Sin Ming Drive, #01-3711, Singapore 575710

Opening Hours: 11am to 11pm, daily

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