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Spotted! Top 5 Most Ridiculous Stories Seen On STOMP

STOMP - some call it the place to go if you want to find the dregs of Lianhe Wanbao and the regurgitation of social media buzz. It's the place to go to see, most of the time, how far the society in Singapore has fallen. You'll see underaged teens smoking in void decks, fights and car accidents; for readers like us it's akin to a ringside view of Thanos vs. Trump.

With so many "stomps" going around these days, the website has become fodder for coffeeshop gossip and articles like these. We've done the legwork for you, so here are 5 STOMP stories that win the Most Ridiculous Award of the-first-half-of-2020:

1. $50 Too Much

In June, two RI students received STOMP fame after they posted IG stories of them flushing a $50 down the toilet and throwing money from a building.

After watching the videos, I only have two assumptions - they either have too much money or the cash is fake. Eh, don't want can give me okay?

2. Romance Is Dead

A woman was STOMP-ed when she posted her rants about how upset she was when her boyfriend surprised her with sweet food via food delivery. The reason for her displeasure? She hates sweet food and he should have sent cash instead.

Credit: STOMP Singapore

Woah, chill girl. At this rate you'll have #NoMoreBF.

3. You STOMP Yourself

Credit: STOMP Singapore

We can all agree that the circuit breaker was the most boring time of our lives - but for some, going out was better than being socially responsible. Apparently, a man was so excited to leave his house that he bragged on social media after attending a social gathering at another person's house. Strike, strike again. You're out. You basically just STOMP-ed yourself. So what.

4. How To Show-The-World-You-Dumb

Credit: STOMP Singapore

With so many influencers making big bucks, it's no surprise there are wanna-bees attempting to strike it rich and famous-in-1-minute. These youths decided to create a tutorial titled "How To Spread Wuhan" but accidentally made "How To Land Your Dumba55 In Jail Instead". Well done.

5. HomeSICK Helper

Credit: STOMP Singapore

It's sad that many of our domestic helpers have to leave their homes to care for ours, but there is no excuse for scalding a toddler okay? This maid became homesick and decided her ticket out was through sticking an almost-baby's hand into a pot of boiling meat. Why u do dis?

What were these people thinking?

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