• Judy Tay

So Shiok: McDonald's Singapore Sees A Return Of Its Popular Crispy Chicken & Coconut Pie

Left: 8 Days; right: POPSUGAR

More good news come from McDonald's after their historical closure and subsequent re-opening in Singapore due to the local circuit breaker measures. On 21 May (Friday), McDonald's Singapore announced that the crowd favourite Crispy Chicken and Coconut Pie will be available on their menu.

For the uninitiated ones, the Crispy Chicken is reminiscent of the McSpicy, except that it is not as spicy as the latter. Who wouldn't love a chunk or two of this succulent and crispy fried chicken? I know I would.

The Crispy Chicken is available from $6.20, with a meal option.

As for the Coconut Pie, this is truly a Singapore-inspired dessert which you will not be able to find elsewhere for now. Based on my experience when it first came out, the pie is sweet and filled with the fragrance of the milky fruit - perhaps more suited for those with an acquired taste.

Are you lovin' it yet?

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