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Singaporean Turns Our Garden City Into A Bad-Ass Underwater Metropolis

It's throwback weekend and we're here to talk about a post-apocalyptic/futuristic utopian/fantasy aquatic world of the place we call home.

In 2018, a Singaporean by the moniker of Sean Lee took to the internet with his take on how the garden city would look if it was an underwater city instead. The 27-year-old (now 29) Lee, produced this series to depict a dystopian Singapore resulting from a global environment disaster in 2030.

And we're just a decade short from this predicted timeline.

Take a trip down this heavy - but interesting - journey into the heartland, town and other areas of Singapore as they transform into something that looks right out of Rapture, an underwater city from a video game called Bioshock, which was said to be a huge influence for this avid gamer.

Breathtaking Heartland

Bukit Panjang, where Sean lives, looks like something from a futuristic Hong Kong underworld movie albeit set in a wet, wet world. The boat-bus idea is interesting, though?

Chilling Shopping Malls

Now these pictures bring on sinking and foreboding emotions...

Composite Shots

As we may have guessed by now, the effects seen in these pictures were layered onto composite shots to alter the scene. Here's a look at the before-and-after:

(All images shown in this article are credited to Sean Lee)

Back in 2018, these photos may seem like a wild dream; but because 2020 is an unfeeling nincompoop, a world like this doesn't seem that weird after all.

But let this just be a nice afternoon scroll-through and not really what Singapore will become 10 years from now!

Check out Sean's Instagram for more interesting works here:


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