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Singapore’s Skies Graced By Rainbow Halo

Credit: Al Jazeera

Yesterday, a rainbow-hued halo surrounding the sun appeared over the skies of Singapore, prompting many to snap a shot of it and post it on their social media pages. Called a 22 degree halo by scientists, it is also possible for one to form around the moon. When that happens, they are called winter halos or moon rings.

Here’s a quick rundown on how and why they appear. When lots of tiny ice crystals hang about in the clouds, the sunlight that bounces off them (reflection) and is filtered by them (refraction) creates a 22 degree halo.

The coolest thing about this whole phenomenon is that everyone gets their very own halo. Because of how you are positioned in relation to the clouds, what you see may not be what your friend sees, even if they are standing just next to you.

Isn’t that neat?

Here at Spotted, we have catalogued for you the prettiest ones we have come across on social media.

In no particular order, here we go!

First, there’s this picture of Twitter user @fliki with his partner and his partner’s Mum at Changi Jewel Airport. Even though they were indoors, at the world famous Rain Vortex, the reflection from the rainbow halo can clearly be seen.

Credit: screengrab from Twitter

Even though we can’t see their smiles because of their masks, we can almost sense the warmth emanating from the photo.

Credit: @ALB_S_FC

The Albirex Niigata Singapore Football Club, a satellite of the Albirex Niigata Football Club in Japan, which was founded in 1955, was also entranced by the halo that appeared. They posted this photo after their team’s training session at Jurong East Stadium.

Credit: @remus_gpmax

The halo also made an appearance to Twitter user @remus_gpmax, who is also a pro-wrestler at GrappleMAX.

Here’s another one of the rainbow halo over the heartlands.

Credit: @KeetPferdmenges

Credit: @melvyn_caffeine

The rainbow halo made an appearance at Instagram user @melvyn_caffeine’s workplace, which gave him something fresh to look at outside the window.

Credit: u/statrix

Apart from Twitter and Instagram, the rainbow halo also made an appearance on r/singapore on text-based social media site Reddit, a subreddit for Singapore-based redditors.

Perhaps some of the prettiest photos though, were the ones that featured the Supertrees at the Gardens By The Bay.

Credit: @karen_fu

Some of them were even featured by Gardens At The Bay’s official Facebook page.

Credit: screengrab on Gardens At The Bay’s Facebook page

And that’s it for our summary.

Did you see the rainbow halo that appeared in the mid-afternoon? What was going through your mind when you saw it?


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