Seen: 7 Local Crafters To Follow To Inspire The Artsy Side In You

Credit: @heartfeltmakan (left) and @captain.lulo (right)

Singapore's got talent! Just look at our crafters in Singapore who have been sharing their gorgeous works online and on Instagram. Many of them have turned their hobbies into businesses, often selling their handmade items at local craft markets.

Art can be produced in countless of ways from varied mediums from crocheting to clay-making, sewing to drawing. If you love art, design, crafting or simply want to get inspired by these artists, check out these 7 Singaporean crafters who wowed us over with their handmade creations!

1. Heartfelt Makan (@heartfeltmakan)

Makan is a very commonly used word in Singapore, asking people if they have eaten or to invite them to eat. Heartfelt Makan makes handmade felt food for play, featuring local delights like Kaya Toast and Kueh Pie Tee to Dim Sum specials such as Har Gao and Xiao Long Bao!

Heartfelt Makan started off as a labour of love, to create felt food toys for their little kids. It’s time to let your children play masak masak (playing make-believe) with these lovable and realistic food toys of their favourite Asian delicacy.

2. Lulo Paper Studio (@captain.lulo)

We'll never know paper craft could be this beautiful till we saw what Cheryl Teo, paper artist behind her brand ‘Lulo Paper Studio’ does. Her 3D paper sculptures of objects and scenes of everyday life are so meticulously cut and paste together that we simply can’t believe our eyes.

Teo has even created self-initiated projects such as #100daysofpapermatchboxes where she created colourful little paper sculptures as tiny as a matchbox! Sometimes she will even post behind-the-scenes and work-in-progress posts for a glimpse into her whimsical paper world!

Now you know what those expensive papers at craft stores were made for.

3. Mochi Buddies (@mochibuddies)

If you are into adorable and kawaii illustrations, Mochi Buddies is the account to follow. Creator Jean Kuah and her team design cute characters that we simply can’t help but to squeal. Their products range from tote bags, enamel pins, keychains and even cushions, featuring their signature kawaii characters.

Mochi Buddies have been around for quite some time and you may have spotted them at various pop-ups and craft markets.

Like their website states, which I find more apt than ever: “Like a mochi, we are always pounded with difficulties that we face in our lives and sometimes forced to make harsh but important decisions which helps us to be moulded into a better person.”

4. Naked.Works (

Long gone are the days when sewing and embroidery were only done by your ah mas (grandmothers) and ah gongs (grandfathers). It has now evolved into an intricate art form loved by millions around the world. Local artist Zoey Wong stands out with her sophisticated needlework pieces that shows how talented this artist is.

One truly wonders how long it takes for an embroidered masterpiece to be completed, especially knowing that my DIY cross stitch pack is still hidden somewhere in my cupboard.

5. Parade.Made (@parade.made)

Self-taught Singaporean stamp artist, Jia Hui creates colourful hand-carved rubber stamps of food, fruits, objects and famous landmarks around the world. Jia Hui is a Hankeshikun (a popular Japanese brand of rubber block) -certified instructor who now shares her stamp-carving process on YouTube.

If you follow her Instagram, you would notice that some of her pieces require more than two carved stamps to complete the image! Talk about the many layers she has to think through before carving out her pieces.

Perhaps this will inspire you to try stamp-carving at home! All you need is an eraser block and a pen knife.

6. Saltwater Atelier (@saltwateratelier)

With a tagline that states ‘#RethinkSoap”, Saltwater Atelier has not only managed to achieve that, we think it actually reinvented what soap actually looks like. We did many double takes while scrolling through of the Instagram page as most of these artisanal soap bars actually look like crystals and stones instead of something to wash our body with.

Each bar is 100% vegan and palm-free, thoughtfully handcrafted with no two pieces looking the same. Beautiful is an understatement and someone please tell me, how are these soap bars again?

7. Tutu & Ball (@tutu_and_ball)

Made from polymer clay - which requires a baking process - Tutu & Ball creates beautiful earrings of various sizes, inspired from moments of our everyday lives.

Their recent series which features the Hokusai Waves shows the detailed process-making, mixing its colours to look panoramic yet realistic at the same time. A look at their Instagram page shows other uniquely-designed earring pieces to suit different occasions. The porcelain-inspired earrings definitely caught our eye there!

Who are some of your favourite local crafters or artists that you would recommend? Send us a DM via Instagram or Facebook!

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