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Review: The Newest & Hottest K-Cushion Has Landed In Singapore

Pictured above: Superface cushion sets | Credit: Superface

Ladies - and men, if you want - say hello to the new kid on the block, Superface!

I visited Korea a couple of years ago and came across this brand. I tried their BB cream and was wowed by what this compact little thing had to offer. So when a little bird told me that Superface is now available exclusively at Guardian, I simply had to check it out.

Upon visiting Guardian's online store, I saw that they had my shade in stock. Apart from their hot-seller Superface Zoom In Mesh Cushion, they carry a few other products such as the Superface Light Correcting Skin Base. The latter is something I have not tried before so I will definitely be getting it.

Now, I am not a huge fan of BB cream as many tend to feel sticky and heavy on my skin, but here's why I am so in love with Superface's offering:


Yes, perhaps I am a superficial person but first impression definitely counts. I love the bright and strong colours of the BB cream's packaging. That's what caught my eye initially in the first place! It is definitely an item I can carry in my bag, all day 'er day.

Pictured above: Superface Zoom In Mesh Cushion | Credit: Superface


BB creams are usually hard to layer on, so I personally prefer to use BB cream only as a standalone and finish off with a dusting of loose powder. However, the Superface Zoom In Mesh Cushion offers a great margin in playing with different layers - from foundation to highlighters and powders.


This is one of the most lightweight BB cream I've tried so far, so I can totally go a whole day without feeling like I have something slapped on my face. Yet, it gives enough coverage to look as if I spent 30 minutes (at least!) in the toilet trying to put my best face on.

As a Korean brand, the shades are also catered for Asian skintones, so it is easy to find a shade that totally blends in with your own. The final result is that you get a mildly matte finishing that looks just right.


I've only heard of makeup clogging pores, so I was delighted to find out that part of their features is skincare! The BB cream is said to calm and cool angry red skin and contains 7 types of herb extracts which moisturise and promote radiance. After a few use, I do notice lesser outbreaks and my skin has a dewy gleam to it.

I don't really have much complaints about this product, but perhaps the only thing that deters me (and potential users) could be the price as it is more pricey than most of their Korean counterparts. However, the product works and delivers what it promises for me, so I think it's pretty worth it.

The Superface Zoom In Mesh Cushion retails at $35.90 and is available at Guardian and Guardian Online.

This is not a sponsored ad and contains only the opinion of the writer.

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