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Resuming Driving Lessons? Here’s How You Can Pass Your Tests Like A Pro

Getting a driving's license is practically a rite of passage for those turning 18 in Singapore. Granted, the whole process may not be that fun and each session burns a hole in the wallet; but at the end of the day, the licence will be one of the best asset which will be yours till you grow old - unless you do something dumb like speeding or beating a red light.

You may be looking to register for lessons to get your Class 3, or currently a learner. Whatever it may be, the temporary closures of driving centres must stink - we all know how important consistent practice is to pass your tests!

Now, the wait is finally over. Driving centres around the island has resumed services, so it's time to book your slots, gather your driving shoes and pray hard you pass. But worry no more. Here, we've pulled together some pretty good tips for those looking to pass your theory and practical tests.

Free Practices

If you're enrolled in a driving school, you'll know that you have to pass a mock test even before you proceed to the actual theory test! Every time you head down into the centres to take a practice, evaluation or test, a fee will be charged and this can add up into a painful amount.

So here's our secret - there's a site which offers free theory tests for driving licences here. You can practice the BTT till the cows come home without a single cent. We strongly recommend this, especially for those of you taking private lessons.

Apart from the usual Class 3/3A theory test, there are also tests for PDVL Paper 1 and 2, which are for private hire learners.

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Whether it is for your theory or practical tests, it's important to get a good night's sleep. Having adequate sleep improves focus, attention and alertness - all the ingredients for a good test score. Try reducing the time spent looking at mobile screens the night before as this decreases melatonin which is help induce a restful sleep. Before your test, look at some greenery and drink some camomile tea!

Plan Ahead

Instead of diving head in to the tests, plan ahead to know what you are up against. For theory tests, this means practicing all the questions (see point 1) and if you must, memorise! If you're going on the road, be sure to ask your instructor beforehand what might be the routes and any tricky situations you might come face to face with.

Bring All Documents

It will suck 101% if you're all geared up and ready to head into your test but you forgot to bring along those important documentations. This means your identification card and any other slips of paper required to take the test(s). You'll definitely miss your time slot if you have to go home to retrieve these items, so pack them the day before so you won't encounter such situations!

If In Doubt, Autopilot

No, we don't mean that you switch off your mind and go to sleep leaving the engine running. You have gone for those practice lessons for a reason - you're training your mind and body to go on autopilot when the time comes. So if you're doing the theory test and forget those answers you've memorised, try answering based on your instinct. When driving, over-focusing can lead to panic which may cause you to under-perform. If you're faced with such problems, going on autopilot by tapping on your instinct may just nudge you into a safe pass.

As long as you have safely demonstrated that you can follow the given instructions and adhered to the guidelines, you should be able to pass your tests. So future drivers, see you on the roads!

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