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Remember To Keep Your TraceTogether Token With You

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With Phase 3 seemingly on the horizon, with details coming in the near future, it would be good to know where to collect your TraceTogether token. According to an article published by TodayOnline, being in possession of a token will be made mandatory in the future, should one attend “large gatherings” or “high risk events”.

High risk events would include sports, religious or entertainment gatherings where large crowds may congregate. For the corporate world, high risk events would also include business-related events like seminars or company retreats. These corporate events have already been given the green light, as of 23 September, though the company has to keep to 50 persons or less.

Currently, Singaporeans may collect their TraceTogether tokens at pop-up booths that will appear throughout Singapore during the weekends. Previously, you would have to head to a community centre to collect your token. This weekend, you’ll be able to collect your token at City Square Mall, Causeway Point, Chinatown Point and Raffles City.

However, one unlucky Singaporean has already damaged their TraceTogether token through their sheer clumsiness. According to reddit contributor u/sv335, the token was attached to the outside of their sling bag. They accidentally smacked it against the wall as they put their bag down, upon which it cracked like an egg.

Credit: reddit

Jiat lat.

For a full list of where you can go to collect your very own token, click here. If you are also a klutz, you may want to put your token into a soft protective shell. When are you thinking about picking up your token? How long do you think contact tracing will be a thing?


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