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Remember To Fold Up Your Flags

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Attention, Singaporeans who still have their flags out! Did you know that if your flag is still out after 30 September, there’s a chance you might be fined under the Singapore Arms and Flag and National Anthem Rules (SAFNA)?

This fine will set you back $1,000 so don’t play play, okay?

By law, the timeframe for flags to be displayed is from 1 July to 30 September. This year, the timeframe was brought forward due to the pandemic, in order for Singaporeans to show support for each other during these extraordinary times.

In the past, the flag was required to be displayed either with a flagpole and or set up in such a way that it could be illuminated at night. This rule was done away in 2007.

In contrast, our neighbour across the causeway has no stipulated timeframe for the display of Jalur Gemilang, the Malaysian national flag. However, a letter to national broadsheet The New Straits Times in August this year suggested that Malaysia could implement a recommended period for the flag to be displayed. The letter writer, V. Thomas, believed that this would mean less flags left out in the wild to deteriorate in the elements.

How do you feel about having a timeframe for our flag to be displayed? How would it feel as displaying the flag was legal year round?


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