Real-life Spooky Tales Shared By Singaporeans

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Hungry Ghost Festival or not, our ‘good friends’ are roaming around us, not just the haunted hotels or chalet spots. Have you felt that there were times you just knew something was off? Well, it also doesn’t help if one of your friends can see or hear or feel ‘them’.

Here are some eerie encounters with the paranormal world, experienced by the team and our friends. Yikes, I’m sleeping with my lights on tonight and maybe for the next few weeks. #ScaredyCat

Goodnight, sweet lil’ boy

This happened during one of our night walks at Ngee Ann Polytechnic where I was one of the organising committee for the #FOC (Freshman Orientation Camp). It was about 4am that morning and my friend was smashed from all the games and night walk preparation in the day. He took a little wink while I went to the toilet. When I came out, I saw him lying on the floor sleeping soundly with his head slightly lifted off the ground. I immediately woke him up because I had seen him lying a lady’s lap. The lady looked like in her 40s and definitely not someone we knew from school. When I told him about it, he said he felt someone touching his head but thought it was another orientation leader helping him.

- Zhi Chao, 24 years old

Night Cycling on a Death Anniversary

Credit: Quillette

I love night cycling and one of the cycling trails I will ride to is at Changi Beach Park because lesser crowd and the breeze is pretty amazing when you’re cycling near the waters. Everything seemed well until one of us heard screams and cries from afar. We thought somebody was in trouble so we cycled towards them but as we cycled, the cries remained the same volume. We cycled off-track for about 8 minutes but still could not get to where the sounds were. It felt like the distance of the cries just ‘followed’ us whenever we cycled. We finally gave up after another 20 minutes of searching as a team.

The next morning, I received a text from the group that the infamous Sook Ching Operation (cleansing purge) was carried out by Japanese soldiers during World War II at #ChangiBeach. We were there last night on the exact same day it happened, but 75 years later. Eeep!

- Lenny, 37 years old


My 3 year-old daughter will chat with me about her dolls and toys right before bed. I see it as a bonding time with her and one night, we were talking about ‘hosting’ a party for her stuffed animals. We counted them one by one and after pointing to the last stuffed animals on her bed, she said ‘one more’. I said: ‘Who? We already have everyone. 1,2,3,4!” She pointed to the window and said ‘cheh cheh’ (big sister). She doesn’t know we had a daughter before her.

- Charmine, 33 years old

Too many talking heads

We had to test out night walk routes after 10pm to recce the places. Usually about 4 to 6 of us will walk together to find out where is the scariest places for our campers to experience around the school. We were walking in an open area with trees surrounding the walk path when one of my group mates stopped and asked if we heard growling noises. When we said we heard nothing, he told us to walk indoors in a very serious tone. We knew what he was hinting towards and followed his lead. After the entire recce, he finally revealed that soon after the growling sounds, he saw about 50 women heads on the trees.

- Rihan, 24 years old

No end

One of the stories of Singapore Polytechnic’s U-shaped toilets is that you cannot enter those toilets at night because once you go in, there is no way out. You will walk in endless cycles until someone comes in to ‘take your place’. Up till now I don’t know if it’s true, but I didn’t dare to go into one of those toilets ever since.

- Wei Ling, 22 years old

May the Force be with You

Credit: Mothership

One of my friends who is a fan of the paranormal happened to be in Singapore for a holiday and he requested to explore Singapore’s famous ghost-hunting sites and so a few of us, who are also into paranormal activities, gathered and brought him to Bukit Brown Cemetery. We brought our usual gears like the magnetic field detector along and by 5pm, the sky became usually dark that day.

There wasn’t much on the detector and wanted to call it a day, but just before we headed out, there was a spike on our detector. But the meter was so unstable that it flickered up and down rigorously. The spooky thing is that the flickering only happened whenever we said the word ‘Pontianak’ or ‘wife’ or ‘baby’. The spirit(s) followed us for a good 15-20 minutes even after we exited the cemetery. I never went back since then.

- Kenneth, 32

A pressing situation

A group of us went for a a 3 days-2 nights staycation at a 4-star hotel in Orchard. The three ladies shared a bed and one of my friends slept in the middle. She couldn’t sleep the night before because she said she felt a ‘pressure’ pressing on the sheets in between the gap of her legs, slowing ‘walking’ up from her feet to slightly above the knee area. When she wanted to close her legs in response to it, the ‘force’ wouldn’t allow. My other friend and I slept on the same bed but couldn’t feel a single thing throughout the night.

- Jovine, 30


I was one of the participants of a Singapore Polytechnic orientation camp in 2014. After the night walk, we would discuss some of the funniest, scariest and crazy happenings. The girls in my group said they screamed at the ‘superman’ station where a guy would jump out to scare campers while they are walking up the flight of stairs. They told the organising committee that they thought the blind spots were well hidden. The leaders said there wasn’t such station planned at all.

- Sherri Anne, 23 years

My smiling photo

Credit: Rice Media

I was walking with my boyfriend along the main road of Dakota Crescent about 2 of years ago. That area has been quite a dead town and we thought we could take some nice pictures there together after our early dinner at about 5pm. When I started posing for the camera, my boyfriend suddenly stop and said ‘Babe, let’s go.’ I didn’t think much and said ‘Just take and we’ll go.’ He became really serious and said loudly, “Let’s go. I’m serious. Let’s go.” I felt something was amiss so I took our bags and he pulled me out of the area to the main road really quickly. When I asked him about it, he said he felt we weren’t the only people there and heard voices and giggles. (context: my boyfriend can’t see spirits but can hear and feel their presence). We thought we were lucky and avoided it because I am very scared when it comes to anything supernatural.

Weeks later when I was scrolling through my photos in my DSLR, I saw 1 photo of me on the playground laughing. Thing is, we never took a single shot that day. When I asked my boyfriend if he had taken that photo, he said no, and pointed out that I was trying to go for the ‘cool’ vibes, so I didn’t even wanted to smile when I posed for him.

- Kelly, 28

Whether you believe it or not, I am for one never gonna leave my house or my bed ever again!

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