• Judy Tay

Potato Chips That Are White Rabbit Candy-Flavoured? Get Out!

Credit: The Beijinger; Isabel Foo

Singaporeans are no stranger to the White Rabbit candy. In fact, the love for this milky sweet has spun many variations of food and drinks, like these ones:

Now, another contender has joined the ranks. While we are familiar with the candy-themed desserts like cakes, ice cream and smoothies, Lay's has taken it one level up. Introducing Lay's newest flavour - White Rabbit potato chips! This intriguing snack was first launched in China in June, and comes from a series of unique flavours like Spicy Duck Neck and Roast Pork Dumplings. Sadly, the other flavours are currently not available in Singapore.

Credit: The Beijinger

According to those who have tried out the chips, it is sweet and blends surprisingly well with the crunchy potato. They also said that it does taste a lot like the actual White Rabbit candy.

Lay's White Rabbit Potato Chips ($2.50) is now available at selected FairPrice outlets. Go grab it before it goes OOS!

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