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Pixel Art of SG

Credit: LVN93

With National Day just around the corner, wouldn’t it be nice to take a look at some beautiful, funny, sleek and nostalgic renditions of our Singaporean identity? A small reminder of why is tiny little island is a place we call home, and the memories made make us so deep Singaporean. Enjoy!

Breakfast Set A

Credit: LVN93

Bet you can feel the morning humidity of the kopitiam, sipping at hot kopi-o while trying to sober up from a sleepy haze, just by looking at this gif. Probably could hear the auntie shouting sio jui (hot water) from behind.

SG Super Mario World

Credit: reddit

A cute re-imagining of our tiny island as levels from Super Mario World, wonder how the playable levels would be like? Jumping from blocks to blocks? Power up with ice-cream sandwiches? Sounds like a pitch to be made.

Rochor Centre

Credit: Rasacyan

There’s a fascination with these rows of blocks, 3-room flats, an enigma that comes from its history and architecture. Also a place you’ll find many photographers looking for an iconic urban site, it’s a beacon for the creatives!

Suntec City At Night

Credit: LVN93

The nightscape of Singapore’s town area, if you’re the kind to go chiong on a Friday or Saturday night, this might be a familiar sight for you. Though we hope those heavy grey clouds at the back won’t be raining on your party.

842 Sims Ave

Credit: LVN93

Everyday view for those who are getting off from work, returning back home from a long day in the MRT, and live near Eunos station. The tranquil quiet of the evening. And the beeps and chatter of buses filled with people, as shag as you are, you’re finally back home.

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