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Old-School Counter-Strike Is Back & You Can Play It Right From Your Browser

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Okay I know, CS (Counter-Strike) is still around in the market so they are not truly "back" - anyone can still play this classic multiplayer shooter game but you'll need to spend money or sign up for a Steam account, and not everyone owns a compatible system to get the game up and running. Not great if you want a quick shoot-out in between homework.

Back in the days, Counter-Strike is THE game to be seen playing; it doesn't matter if you're a primary school boy or a polytechnic girl. Before computers were as powerful as what we have today, us gamers would have to content with being stuck in a grimy LAN (but there's always a friend with a super state-of-the-art gaming computer so there's that as well).


Now here's the good news. If you're looking for some nostalgic fun, you can now access Counter-Strike 1.6, the classic CS game we all played in the early 2000s, without registering or downloading anything. Simply head down to their website here to give it a go! The game works on any browswer, and you'll be able to access a wide range of maps, including the iconic de_dust.

There are servers in Europe, Canada, USA, Asia, India and Brazil along with a whole load of game types if you are looking to play with random players around the world. But if you want to host a private shoot-out, server rental comes at a price.

Since news of this free CS 1.6 hit, the website may be slow to load but once you're in, the graphic and speed is good - even smoother than how it was back in the days! It took me a quick while to remember the keys to press like W-A-S-D and B and soon I'm good to go and super immersed in the game.

Counter Strike 1.6 is also available for purchase on Steam.

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