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Old Hill Street Police Station Building Appears In Minecraft

Credit: u/avandleather

u/avandleather is a proficient Minecrafter who is no stranger to building Singapore’s landmarks. He has painstakingly recreated the Pinnacle@Duxton, the old Supreme Court Building and even the HDB Block at Tampines Street 41, namely block 417.

Credit: u/avandleather

His latest project is the Old Hill Street Police Station Building, which most Singaporeans may remember as that big white building with many colourful windows at the corner of Hill Street and River Valley Road. Fun fact: It has a total of a whopping 927 windows!

Credit: Trip.com

Built in 1934, it was the largest government building of its day. 30 years later, it was still being regarded as one of the most modern buildings in the area. After all, it had flushes for its toilets and a lift that went up to its highest floors. This was during a time when other police barracks were still flushing their toilets with buckets!

Credit: u/avandleather

Most Singaporeans probably remember the building as the (Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts) or MICA Building. The building acquired the name in 2004. The structure has had a long relationship with being the office of the censors, which began in 1984 when it housed the now defunct Board of Film Censors.

Credit: u/avandleather

What you may not realise though, is that in 2012, it was again renamed the Old Hill Street Police Station building. We have come full circle!

Today the building houses the Ministry of Information and Communication (MCI) and the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY).

Credit: u/avandleather

Do you play Minecraft or know anybody who does? What iconic Singapore buildings do you hope to see in Minecraft one day?

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