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Old Chang Kee Launches UFO-shaped Salted Egg Yam Puff

Credit: Old Chang Kee

As a Mid-Autumn Festival season special, Old Chang Kee launches its new Salted Egg Yam’O today. A perfectly round, golden UFO-shaped puff with yam and a salted egg yolk inside, it looks like quite the treat.

Credit: Old Chang Kee

Although I’m sure Old Chang Kee put a lot of effort into making sure the taste is optimal, my first impression upon seeing it was, “Oh no, it’s so cute!”

Credit: Cartoon Network

The yam inside the puff is soft and tastes like orh nee, which is a traditional Chinese dessert made of sweetened mashed yam. The salted egg yolk is exactly what you’d expect in a mooncake. Add the flaky, crispy pastry shell that encompasses the best curry puffs and you’ve got the perfect hot snack for a rainy afternoon.

Credit: xxjamboreexx

One piece goes for $2.20. If you’re thinking of buying a couple for a friend, as a substitute for mooncakes, you can get a pair in a nice box for $5.80. That’s much cheaper than a couple of mooncakes!

Are mooncakes too sweet for you? These adorable little yam and salted egg puffs are a little more savoury and may just be your thing. They are available at all Old Chang Kee stalls islandwide until 1 October or when stock runs out.


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