• Judy Tay

Nutaku Creates Adult Game Console That Looks Like Er... A Boob

Credit: Nutaku

In commemoration of Nutaku's 4th birthday (and maybe boobs), the adult game developer has decided to milk the gaming accessories industry by coming up with a limited edition boob-shaped gaming console!

You read that right. This release marks the Nutaku as the first gaming platform to squeeze their way into product development made for adult game players. Horn... happy gamers, rejoice!

The boobie piece is enveloped in a flesh-like, silicone cover and comes loaded with all your dirty, darkest desires - I mean, the Nutaku Desktop application. It runs on Windows and gamers can gain access to over 200 free-to-play and premium adult game titles like Sir Hardluck and the Monster Girls, whatever that is.

*boing boing*

Sorry, I digress.

This limited-edition console is *er-hem* the breast we've ever seen in terms of creativity and novelty, and with great boobs comes great responsibititty. Can't say I'm bursting at the seams with anticipation, though.

Here are the specifications:

  • Silicone-covered shell with a flesh-like feel

  • Nipple-shaped power button

  • HMDI port

  • 2 x USB ports

  • Audio jack

  • External power supply

  • Wireless internet connection

  • Pre-installed library of free-to-play and premium adult titles

Seems like it's bust-ing with features! Every teen boy's orgasmic dream come true.

We're not sure just how much this idea will grow in size and how hard this will hit the market, but if you want to try your hands on this boob, head down to Nutaku's merch store to geddit. Geddit?

Oh, sorry. This boob is currently out-of-stock but Nutaku will be re-stocking soon, so wait a while you dirty fellas!

Price: US$169


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