Mother’s Day Gifts To Show Mummy How Much You Love Her

There are many ways to say ‘I love you mummy’. From a simple hug and kiss on the cheek to getting a divine chocolate cake to tell your mother just how much you love her.

The extension of the circuit breaker until June 1st may have thwarted some of our Mother’s Day celebrations, but why not make the most of it while staying at home and pampering your mother at the same time. If you are not living with your mum, you can always send her gifts that can be delivered straight to her doorstep.

Here are some gift ideas to celebrate the amazing women in your life!

1. Handmade cards

Nothing beats a handmade card with words written from the heart. A simple A4 white paper folded in half is enough to put a smile on your mother’s face. The love and appreciation you have for your mother is priceless, so is your heartfelt message for her. Don’t forget to decorate your card with drawings, stickers or embellishments to make it prettier. It doesn’t matter if it’s not the best-looking card in the world, it’s the thought that counts and your mum will love it no matter what.

Here are 4 easy ideas to DIY your Mother's Day card.

2. Bake kits

Janice Wong Singapore

Buying a cake for your mother feels like a natural thing to do. But now that you are home most of the time, why not bake for her instead? The love for her is doubled when you put your heart and soul into baking a cake for her instead. Whether you are a baking enthusiast or someone who just wants to try your hands at baking, this curated box of recipes, ingredients and essential utensils has everything you need. You can always call for mum’s help if you are lost along the way.

Janice Wong's Mother’s Day Bake at Home Hamper is priced at $148.

3. Home massages

OSIM Singapore

Now that you won’t be able to travel with your parents, how about using the refunded cash to buy a massage chair for her and the whole family to enjoy. Your mum has worked so hard in providing for you throughout your growing years and now it is time to pamper her. We already foresee her enjoying the massage chair while she watches her favourite Korean dramas, or fiddling with her phone after cooking a meal.

OSIM is currently running a Mother’s Day promotion where you can get discount coupons as well as purchase-with-purchase deals. Delivery during this circuit breaker is available islandwide.

4. Health hampers

Eu Yan Sang

Health is wealth. It’s important to keep your family healthy, especially during this coronavirus period. Health, as we have learned is of upmost importance and while eating and exercising regularly will keep us strong, taking nourishing supplements is another way to boost our immune system and improve vitality.

Eu Yan Sang has curated a range of hampers just for all the mothers out there. Wrapped in beautiful boxes and packed with lots of nutritious and wholesome products like bird’s nest, top-grade tea leaves, ginseng and more, they are going to love this!

5. Sweet treats

Chocolate has been proven to make us happy and that’s what we want for our mothers during this special day where we celebrate their endless generosity and love for us. Singapore-based chocolate retailer, Hello Chocolate has curated a selection of award-winning chocolates for your loved ones.

If your mother enjoys the sweet-yet-bitter taste of chocolates, they are going to love these artisan chocolates from Hello Chocolate. Choose from a selection of dark and milk chocolates, or even a chocolate heart caramel praline for the mums with a sweet tooth. There is even a vegan chocolate option too!

6. Cakes

Awfully Chocolate

The list isn’t complete until a chocolate cake has been mentioned. ‘We hate chocolates,’ says nobody ever, right? So, this Mother’s Day, treat your mum – and you - some luscious chocolate cake. Sometimes, less is more and Awfully Chocolate's all-time best seller, the Original All Chocolate Cake is the simple but decadent dessert loved by young and old alike. Talk about the layers of dark chocolate fudge sandwiched between soft chocolate cake. You can never go wrong with chocolate.

7. Coffee kits

Hook Coffee

Now that we’ve covered chocolates, the best pairing to go with that rich, chocolatey taste is none other than – you guessed it – coffee! If your mum is a coffee lover like mine, you may consider getting her a coffee kit so that she learns a thing or two about the art of coffee-brewing! Singapore brand, Hook Coffee not only sells a range of coffee grounds and drips bags – with a quirky name to boot – they even offer gift sets that include mugs, drippers, grinders and even a cold coffee brewer!

8. Fitness watches

Whether or not you mum is getting enough exercise at home or from her daily walks, a fitness watch is a good motivation to get the body moving. Staying healthy not only comprises of the food you consume, but the daily exercises you take as well! A smartwatch like Fitbit acts as a fitness or activity tracker to remind you of your workouts, your heart rate, your sleeping patterns and even gives you a little digital celebration when you hit your 10K steps for the day. No matter how young or old you are, who doesn’t like a daily pat on the back!

From all of us at Spotted! Media, we wish all mummies Happy Mother’s Day!

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