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Meh Go Where: A Hidden Tool For Singaporeans With Nothing To Do & Some Of Its Funnest Features

Meh Go Where / Website

As we settle in to the hum-drum of this "lockdown", the days are starting to become blurry and inspiration is naught. Luckily for us, National Youth Council has developed a microsite which aims to lift the dreary gloom to give Singaporeans dollops of fun in the form of content, news, videos and activity ideas.

Much like IAMCCB, which is another power tool to navigate this novel climate through providing useful resources such as grocery discount coupons, Meh Go Where features a cluster of kaleidoscopic tiles which opens up to various topics from polls to lobangs.

To satisfy your curiosity, we've shortlisted a few fun features to share with our readers.


Home cooking has gone from zero to hero these days, with more people than ever displaying their gastronomic prowess. The #MEHGOWHERE challenge points users to a trending hashtag on TikTok where you can join the rest of the world in boasting your culinary creations.

Boredom Busters

You're in luck if you are looking for something to while your time away, because Boredom Busters opens up into a list of ideas on activities you can do to just take a couple of hours from your boredom hours. These ideas are crowd-sourced and updated weekly to give users lots of inspiration.

Clap For Singapore

If you are honestly, truly, acutely, excessively bored, this one's for you. In this box, you'll be able to participate in the cheer/clap-for-Singapore movement which was trending last month. Just click on the hands emoji to generate one clap to add to the counter below. Clapping, or rather clicking, multiple times will produce a resounding applause and confetti. Try it!

If you are truly boliao, give this site a try. For more truly Singapore and trendy lifestyle content, you may wish to follow our Facebook and Instagram pages too! 😉

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