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Mediacorp Offers Meme-in-Chief Position, Jokers Apply

On 25 August, Mediacorp listed a job posting on their Facebook page to seek out candidates for a peculiar role - Meme-in-Chief. At first glance, the post looks like a meme itself, which we all know we should take with a pinch of salt. However, upon closer look, it's revealed that this is a real position with actual remuneration.

According to this post, the Meme-in-Chief is responsible for creating social media content from Mediacorp dramas - namely memes; as well as manage the company's social media.

While a little vague, this post has definitely turned heads as predicted by them, garnering 465 comments and 722 shares at the time of this post. Because TLDR, we're here to suss out some of the most interesting comments seen in this post. Read on!

Chandra Lim: First day of Meme-in-Chief

A Chandra Lim commented his guess on how the first day of this position would be like, with the meme below:

Yes, Chandra. I think we have the same concerns...

He also added this:

Well, the post doesn't explicitly says that the payout is in cash...

2. Jeremy Tan: Close one eye plz

Me thinks Jeremy is a candidate hopeful. Maybe reconsider your strategy if you need the CD to close one eye?

3. Roman Daus: I'm da best

In every interview, you'll find one or two of these siao ons who will go all out to impress. I see the dedication in this one.

4. Davey Caw: I eats humble pie

If dedication fails, there's always the pity game...

5. Octovan Spartan Foo: I'm a chief

With a name like that, we know Mr Spartan here is going places. Well, who's to say that you can't use this position to climb the ladder to a better life?

6. Acimic Bey: I win

@Mediacorp, look no further. I think you've got your guy right here. With a reply like this, #winliaolor. Boss spotted.

So if you think you were born for this role, apply for this position right here.

And Mediacorp? It's Memelord, not Meme-in-Chief. #JustSaying

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