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Luke’s Lobster Singapore Debuts On 23 September 2020

Here comes another bad boy of the high seas! Rolling in to the local scene, Luke’s Lobster is an American-based lobster roll enthusiast, whose sails have brought them here to our lands, making seafood fans are hungry for more! They’re set to open shop at Orchard Road, Shaw House, next to a Danish pastry shop, Leckerbaer. So catch their opening on 23 September!

Going Back Home

Credit: @lukeslobstersg (Instagram)

Founder Luke Holden left his investment banking job, and returned to his maritime origins to work with his dad. Where he helped negotiated with lobster suppliers to source of fresh ingredients.

These days with the successful franchise he’s built over the years, his principles for top-quality and sustainable seafood sources has not wavered! Serving up an impressive array of lobsters, prawns and crabs all caught by hand by fisherman in the open seas. And still choosing to work directly with the fishermen, foregoing a middle-person, so that they can ensure that customers will get only the best from them!

Lobster Rolls, Anyone?

Credit: @lukeslobstersg (Instagram)

As you may have known, their rolls are packed filled with a generous amount of either lobster, prawn or crab meat. Enveloped in buns made to toasty-buttery perfection; topped with mayo, lemon butter and their homemade special seasoning, mmm! It’s aromatic, flavourful and hits you all at the right spots! It’s simple but done exquisitely well.

You can get either a 113g (4oz) or 170g (6oz) roll together with different sides ranging from chips to chowder, and the additional drinks to complete the meal. The menu and price points are not yet confirmed, so we’ll just have to wait and see!

But in the meantime, perhaps we can do a price comparison based on what we see in New York (USD17 or SGD23.70), and Tokyo (1580 Yen or SGD20.50) for a sense of what’s to come.

Decal & Décor

Credit: @lukeslobster_jp (Instagram)

We might not know what the stall in sunny SG will look like, but can hazard a guess by taking a leaf from the books of our nearest neighbour, Japan; they’ve taken a more contemporary, modern look with neat black frames, and white interiors to keep the inside clean and bright. Despite it's minimalist look, the design managed to retain an accent of its pier origins sprinkled lightly in the form of rustic wood accents!

Credit: @donnygao (Instagram)

Or maybe we can expect a full crates ‘n’ barrels aesthetics? By heavily using wood and warm lights, the tone and ambience can get a little whimsical with how rustic the interior might be! But it definitely nods at Luke’s Lobster’s origins, the Portland Piers where it lies bordering between sea and land.

Seats will be limited to about 15 to 20 with safe-distancing measures in place, so be sure to start queuing early to chope a spot!

Whichever creative direction they’ll be taking, we’re definitely gearing up to enjoy the delicacy of stunningly good seafood. And if you’re thinking about how great it’ll be to chomp away on their Lobster Rolls, do keep a lookout for their upcoming launch as it's just round the corner!

Luke’s Lobster Address: Shaw House #01-K4 Isetan Scotts 350 Orchard Rd, S238868 Opening Hours: Daily, Lunchtime – 8pm

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