Lifestyle: What's GOAT & Yeet? The Ultimate Guide To Gen Z Slangs In 2020

Don’t know what kids these days are sayin’? Or are you a parent who wants to connect with your teenage child but not sure if you are the ‘cool mom’ or ‘cool dad’ when you spout words like ‘lame’ or text your child ‘XOXO, LOL, Lots of Love’. For the record, LOL actually means ‘Laugh Out Loud’.

These slang terms are created by sometimes recycling old words, making abbreviations (cause, texting), or giving new meanings to already existing words – so don’t be too surprised if you hear a teenager mixing up his grammar, it’s their lingo.

We don’t blame you. Even this millennial here is constantly playing this catch-up game to make sure my urban vocabulary stays relevant. Here are some slang words to help you decipher what our kids are saying these days.

Basic – Boring or typical

“Just vanilla ice cream? You’re basic!”

Boujee – Someone who enjoys the lavish and extravagant things in life

“I don’t get it, does he have to flaunt his riches on IG?” “Yeah, he’s such a boujee.’

Clout – Being famous or have great social influence online

“That party will be filled with famous people. I want to be there for the clout.’

Creps – Stylish sneakers

“These creps cost me an arm but it’s so worth it!”

Dzaddy/Zaddy – Handsome, attractive and fashionable older guy who has the swag and sex appeal.

“Lee Byung Hun looks so sexy on the red carpet. #Zaddy

Finna – Abbreviation for the phrase ‘fixing to’. Used to express a goal to take some sort of action in the near future, same usage as ‘going to’.

Finna take a walk at the park later.”

Flex – To show off

“Wow! I see that you are flexing your engagement ring.”

GOAT – Greatest Of All Time - also means dope or lit. Something that happened is very awesome.

“That singer is the GOAT!”

Gucci – Good or it’s all good

“Hey, don’t worry about the thing yesterday, it’s Gucci.”

I’m dead – Dying with laughter.

“That joke Mr. Tan said earlier, I’m dead!”

Kween – Pronounced as ‘queen’, a phrase to praise your friends or yourself.

“That make up! YASSS Kween!”

Left me on read – When someone read your message but didn’t reply you

“I am sad. Last night she left me on read.’

Let’s get this bread – A motivational phrase that refers to the ‘grind’

“After this circuit breaker, we’ll meet up and let’s get this bread.”

Lowkey – Being coy, not giving too much attention to it

“Yeah, we are sort of lowkey dating right now.”

No cap – Means “I’m being serious”

“I am really sick right now no cap.”

OG – Original Gangster; simply mean ‘original’

“The OG Ghostbusters gang are making a comeback!”

Snacc – Looking good and sexually attractive (use this wisely)

“That guy on Tinder is snacc!”

Sus - Short form for ‘suspect’ or ‘suspicious’.

“He looks sus with that shades on’.

Yeet – Complex and versatile word that can be used in most context as an exclamation of excitement, a noun or a verb.

“My first paycheck. Yeet!YP - The ubiquitous Ah Beng, or YP, which stands for "young punk", is an icon in local popular culture.

"Look at this YP sitting there, flexing his creps, and his tattoos is the GOAT!"

What are some of your favourite Gen Z slang words? Let us know through our social channels on Facebook and Instagram!

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