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Lifestyle: 9 Quirky Gifts Below $20 For People Hard To Shop For

There is no shame in paying $20 and lesser for a gift because it's the though that counts. We've done the legwork for you, so here are 9 quirky gifts that will make the person you are gifting stop in their tracks and say "woah".

1. Felt Eyeliner

Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. This is a Stabilo product (well, collaborated with Sephora, that is) and it is inspired by the highlighter we are all familiar with from old school days. Apart from its nostalgia, this makeup piece makes us feel like a female version of James Bond with its amazing ability to camouflage as a piece of stationery.

The Sephora x Stabilo Felt Eyeliner comes in 4 shades and is available here at $15.

2. Tutu Kueh Soap

@ezsssensual / Carousell

Warning - this is not a food item. But it sure smells like delicious! This handmade tutu kueh collection comes in 12 flavours such pandan, vanilla, coconut and bamboo so there's something for all taste buds.

Each set comes with 5 tutu kueh soap bars and is available here at $6.90, or 3 sets of 5 at $18.

3. Sushi Foldaway Bag

Everyone needs a spare tote for emergency purposes, be it for shopping or if you just happen to run out of spare hands to carry stuff. This sushi-inspired folding bag is perfect for sushi lovers and keeps snugly in small spaces.

The Sushi Foldaway Bag comes in Tuna & Wasabi, Tempura & Shrimp and Salmon & Egg, and is available here at $17.50.

4. Bubble Tea AirPods Casing

MAJOR 3C / ezbuy

If you have a friend who is an AirPods user and a bubble tea fan, this is the one for him or her. Especially more so now when most bubble tea outlets have closed. This will definitely help scratch that boba itch.

The Bubble Tea AirPods Casing is available here at $4.47 before shipping.

5. #SGUnited Face Mask Pack


Here's a chance to do some good and also help protect a friend. This #SGUnited Face Masks is shouts out a good dose of local pride with a minimalist design. They also come with slots for mask filters for extra protection. For every mask purchased, one mask will also be donated to Masks Sewn With Love or Migrant Workers' Centre.

The masks come in the minimalist #SGUnited, on trend box logo #SGUnited and #StayStrong, and is available here at $9.90 each.

6. Singapore Recipe Tea Towel


Know an ultra-foodie who will need this? These kitchen towels not only look delectable, but is also said to be soft and high-quality. What's more, each towel comes with a recipe for a Singaporean dish so you'll never forget how to cook these local favourites.

The tea towels come in Laksa, Chicken Rice, Chilli Crab and Bak Kut Teh, and is available here at $20 each.

7. Craft Cocktail

There's nothing better than a good drink, especially one that's freshly crafted and homemade. This is a perfect gift to lift anyone's spirits. Hah.

The Craft Cocktail comes in 8oz bottles and is available in 4 unique flavours. It is available here at $19 each.

8. Bak Chang Five Stones

Are you hungry yet? These are mini bak chang trying to become five stones, so why not both? It is also great as a decorative piece on any shelves.

The Bak Chang Five Stones is available here at $15 per set.

9. Love Tokens

Totally Hot Stuff

There's no better way to tell someone how much you love them by showing it. These Love Tokens make a refreshingly sincere gift that allows the recipient to 'redeem' up to 25 sweet treats like a massage, a home-cooked meal or even a wildcard token of their choice.

The token booklet is available here at $18.

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