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Lifestyle: 26 Netflix Memes Guaranteed To Send You ROFL

Netflix was a big part of many people's lives pre-circuit breaker, but it has now become and almost essential fix for the humdrum of a stay-home schedule. So here are some Netflix memes to make you laugh until your pants drop.

1. That ringing buzz after 6 hours of binge-watching

2. Netflix, there are children watching!

Credit: Reddit, Rocketfin2

3. When you try to read the synopsis in 3 seconds

4. Everyone's faces

Credit: Reddit, Fnlyy

5. Honestly, I'm not a K-drama fan...

Credit: Funny Memes

6. Oh damn, damn, damn

7. Netflix got my back

8. Netflix knows best

9. When you watch 8749380 episodes in a row

10. Netflix, life's teacher

Credit: ksenia_l

11. Oddly specific

Credit: niallshungrytardis-blog-blog.tumblr.com

12. What is the meaning of life

Credit: Slow Robot

13. This should be a thing

14. Hahahahhuehue

15. Laugh-cries

16. With age comes wisdom

17. Netflix wins

18. This has been happening more often recently

19. Intro? What intro?

Credit: kingcastles

20. ʘ ‿ʘ

Credit: cherenslegs

21. I even have the same sofa

22. Shhh... it's a secret!

23. Me blue

Credit: Pete Thompson

24. Cries in AI

25. Netflix is my spirit animal

Credit: Ranker.com

26. When you finish all the available dramas during circuit breaker

Credit: sophiealdred


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