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Life Lessons To Take Back From #RyanSylvia's Heartbreaking Big D

It's safe to say that Ryan's big D is now trending... I mean Ryan and Sylvia, that is. On 31 May, Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) released an almost-45-minute video by its founders, names as titled in this article.

For a long time now, rumours have been flying about the health of their marriage through crumbs from their social media lives.

It's pretty obvious with this post, and as confirmed in the #RyanSylvia's video, they had actually been living separately and finalised their divorce a few months back.

If you do not already know, this duo helms NOC which is known for their comedy skits, travelogues, lifestyle and food review series, Food King. In 2015, they were dubbed as "Singapore's YouTube power couple" by TODAY. Now in their thirties, they are older, wiser, and sadly for their fans, no longer in love with each other, at least not in the romantic sense.

As we trudged through the video, it became impossible to not get absorbed in the emotions flying. Tears? Lots.

Yet, as the video ended, the feeling was bittersweet. Despite the sorrow, there are life lessons viewers can glean from it.

#1 Timing is everything

Sometimes we meet the right person in our lives who will make the most perfect partner-in-crime, but we may be too young and overzealous; focusing on building a career; or simply not on the same page at that moment. As per what Ryan shared, if he could turn back time, he would marry Sylvia again, but at a later stage. Is love still in the air? 😱

#2 Always find time for romance

Sylvia admitted that they chose to put their work first, and as a result their romance took a hit. It was missing that one Valentine's Day first, followed by their anniversary celebration and eventually their "relationship took a backseat", though it was a subconscious choice. Couples should always make time to bring in a little spark, from day-to-day interactions to big-day events.

#3 Give space to one another

Sylvia also shared that because they see each other everyday at work, there was no personal space. And according to experts, it is human nature to want personal space. Instead of clinging to your partner 24/7, backing off a little may take a little pressure off your relationship and do both of you some good.

#4 Respect others

Talking about space, we should always remember to give celebrities space, too (yes #ryansylvia is a celebrity term now). Famous people are humans like you and I. If you don't like others gawking at everything you do or trash-talking about you in public spaces like social media platforms, don't do it to others.

#5 Family feud

Ryan has apparently solved the issue which has plagued family businesses. Leave only one person to take the lead, and the other person (or persons if there are more than two) must give their full support. This will prevent power struggles and continue building trust between all parties. So if you are working with your fam, you know the secret now!

#6 Accept failures

When asked of their fondest memories, Ryan shared that there was once they were so broke that they only had $20 (combined) in their names. There was a console game freshly released that he really wanted try but could not afford it. Sylvia could have ignored his desire or snubbed him for not bringing the bread back (old-school mentality!) but she chose to create an alternative experience for Ryan just to make him happy. How sweet! It is a reminder for couples to always embrace our partners' faults, shortcomings and try not to blame one another.

#6 A divorce is not the end

Society has primed us to view a divorce as a bad thing - it is not. A divorce signifies many things. It signifies the end of suffering; it signifies a new beginning of two new paths, a solution to a problem, the means to an end. Most importantly, a divorce does not mean the end of a life. It is closing a book you love which you have read and re-read a million times and, while it may be hard to do so, opening a whole new book about a whole new adventure. Divorced couples can still remain friends and laugh together, like Ryan and Sylvia.

This amazing duo has truly gotten our respects for this brave and eye-opening video. We wish them all the best in everything they do!

Watch the full video here:

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