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Life Hacks: Drinking Done Right

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It's only the start of the week but your buddies are already making plans for next weekend. Maybe you’ll go to a karaoke bar, or a club with live music. But one thing’s for sure: there will probably be beer towers and maybe even Jägerbombs. But perhaps while you’re already feeling amped up, you’re also glancing at your waistline and wondering if there’s something you can do to make things easier on your gut?

The answer, thankfully, is yes.

Here are a few ways you can keep your waistline in check, while still kicking back drinks with your buddies.

If you’re going in heavy, keep to clear liquors.

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What are clear liquors? That will be things like vodka, gin, clear or white rum and silver tequila. Clear liquors have lower sugar content compared to darker liquors. Also keep in mind that mixers can be notoriously high in sugar or high fructose corn syrup. When you’re at the bar, put in an order a Mojito without the sugar syrup, a Bloody Mary or a Scotch On The Rocks. Oh and if you’re planning on ordering a Gin and Tonic, ask for a Gin and Diet Tonic instead, as Tonic Water is high in sugar.

Choosing Wines Do you prefer wines over liquor? That’s great news because although they are higher in calories, they also have some good stuff in them: antioxidants.

Antioxidants target free radicals, which are waste substances produced as your body processes your food and reacts to the environment. If free radicals accumulate, oxidative stress which can cause cell and tissue damage. The process of oxidative stress happens as we age, which is why antioxidants are often touted as something that helps to slow down the aging process.

Aside from that, antioxidants also help to reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes and depression.

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White wines generally container lower calories than red wines but the difference is not huge. To make up for the extra calories, red wines have a slight edge over white wines in terms of packing more vitamins.

Cold Brews

A 330ml bottle of beer is usually around 130 calories. Contrast that to a glass of wine which is about 120 calories. One G&T? 55 calories. A good way to remember this is that two beers basically make up an entire meal’s worth of calories. Don’t believe me? Chomping down on a McDonald’s cheeseburger means chomping down on 260 calories. So if you’re a habitual beer drinker, you might want to think about switching to dark beer. Out of all the beers, dark beers boast the highest concentration of antioxidants and they have higher iron content too. So why not get some health benefits while you booze?

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Do you have a drinking session with your friends planned? Now that you know how to go a little easier on your gut while you drink, what will you do different? Luckily for me, I already prefer dark beers.


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