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LEGO X Nintendo Collab: Build Your Own NES Console!

Credit: Lego

If you’re in the generation of players who are still debating if the NES or SNES is better, forget about which is the Nintendo console and look forward to your own collectable LEGO NES console! Yes, you heard us right! Whether you’re born into the era of the Game Cube or Playstation 4, we all have spent our childhood playing the iconic title games of the ‘90s.

The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) has helped revolutionized how gamers consume games after the age of Arcades, it is not only iconic but has cemented itself as legendary in gaming history. This celebrated console set will now be yours in LEGO edition.

Credit: Lego

The building kit offers a brick-built NES model, it contains 2,646 pieces and works mechanically. A full set with a controller, connecting cable and plug, it’s even got an opening slot for the Game Pak together with a locking feature. A total duplicate of the original!

Kitted out with realistic details, that includes a 1980’s retro fitted LEGO tv set. Fans can now recreate their favourite Super Mario childhood experiences, replicating the game’s starter level designs in an action brick set. Our flat 8-bit hero reacts to on-screen enemies, pipes and power-ups just like he would in-game.

Credit: Lego

The nostalgia and novelty of the LEGO edition NES is as hyped as it is important to many fans memories, the building kit ($329.90) will be readily available in all LEGO-certified stores in Singapore from 1st August! There’s also an additional adorable LEGO Mario figurine ($84.99) from the Super Mario starter course, it’s a full ode to the good ol’ days of the ‘90s!

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