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Left 4 Dead 2’s The Last Stand Out On 24 September

Credit: Valve

Somehow Left 4 Dead 2 is now 11 years old. It used to be that game everybody gathered after school to play and now it’s… coming back? Yes, you heard that right. Due for release tomorrow is new content for a game that was released the same year as Dragon Age: Origins, Plants VS Zombies and Batman: Arkham Asylum. Feel old yet?

Released to great fanfare in 2009, the zombie shooter multiplayer game soon appeared in LAN cafes seemingly overnight. Sweaty teens still in their secondary school uniform shouted at each other as they combined forces to exterminate the hordes of undead.

Titled The Last Stand, it will be unleashed tomorrow, on 24 September, when fans of the series will get to enjoy the game’s first update in 8 years. You can watch the teaser trailer here.

Though this started as a fan project, the community-developed campaign received the blessing of Valve themselves and the ball got rolling. A team of just 30 plus hardcore fans worked hard to deliver The Last Stand in just under a year. This gargantuan campaign includes 26 new survival maps, new weapons, including some crossover weapons from Counter Strike : Source, new animations and even bug fixes.

If things look and feel different, it’s because some aspects of the original Left 4 Dead will be merged with Left 4 Dead 2. This includes things like sound effects and character models. There will also be User Interface or UI tweaks and improvements.

Credit: Valve

If you’re not yet convinced whether you should get The Last Stand, just know that this weekend everyone can play the game for free. So remember to re-install Left 4 Dead 2 and download The Last Stand with your buddies! Get set to relive the good ol’ days battling the undead in all new environments and situations.


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