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Kueh Lapis Rainbow Mooncake Takes The Cake This Mid-Autumn Festival

This Mid-Autumn Festival, The Lapis Place knows what we Singaporeans want - rainbow-coloured multi-layered snowskin mooncakes!

Their latest mooncakes range has turned heads with flashy colours and bold flavours, and the Rainbow Kueh Lapis Mooncake definitely takes the cake this time around. It is a trendy take on the traditional layered cake; coupled with the soft chewy exterior of snowskin we all love, to make a truly Instagrammable treat for all.

Retailing at $88 for a box of 4, you can also choose from flavours like pandan, earl grey and cempedak.

If kueh lapis is not your cup of tea (you freak!), you may be glad to now that there are also other flavours like Cookies 'N' Cream, Ferrero Rocher and Lychee Martini Truffle Mooncakes for the more atas crowd.

The prices of these mooncakes ranges according to their flavours, from $39 to $46. For a more value-for-money buy, check out their Mooncake Sets.

Other than these unique mooncakes, you'll also find traditional mooncakes like Pure White Lotus and White Lotus with Melon Seeds, though they come without salted egg yolks.

Perfect to go along with a cup of tea!

And here's a good deal we'll share with you. From now till 30 September, you can get 15% off the mooncakes with the promo code 'TLPMAF'. Sold yet? Visit the order page here to pre-order now!

Will we be seeing lotsa rainbow mooncakes on the 'gram this Mid-Autumn? What will you be getting? Share your thoughts with us on our social media pages!

Photos from The Lapis Place Facebook and Instagram pages.

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