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KO, Viruses! These Smart Appliances Will Help Keep Your Home Safe & Sound

2020 will go down in our history books as the year a tiny crown-tipped virus wreaked havoc on a global scale. This crisis has also changed the way we live, work and socialise. Returning home from the outdoors now entail a thorough cleansing ritual of spritzing, scrubbing and sanitising.

We humans are an innovating bunch – so there’re now products that help make your home hygiene practices a little more bearable. Check them out!

1. UV box

You know sh*t is getting serious when a local telco starts selling masks and sterilisation products. But we can all agree that having a disinfecting box is great in this uncertain world. The Uniq Lyfro Air Capsule Disinfection Box is a universal all-in-1 sanitising box, which also comes with superfast wireless charging and and aroma diffusion. Can we get a wow?

It comes with advanced UVC light, which is a man-made form of ultraviolet light that is strong enough to destroy genetic material of viruses and bacteria. There are other forms of ultraviolet light - UVA and UVB, which can cause sunburns and premature skin aging - so don't go running to buy the first ultraviolet sanitisation device you see and check the specs!

If you're looking for a great virus assassin, check out the Uniq Lyfro Air Capsule Disinfection Box which comes with a box of 3-ply masks ($69).

2. Plasmacluster Purifier

What's better than an air purifier? A Plasmacluster® one, of course! SHARP's exclusive patented Plasmacluster® ion technology eliminates microscopic pollutants that traditional filters cannot trap, making it an effective enemy of the coronavirus. Who doesn't want a giant face mask posing as a home appliance? SHARP's FP-F40E-W 30m² Plasmacluster Air Purifier ($499) does the trick and you can get one here.

3. Bed cleaner

You've put in much effort in cleaning your home and all, but you might want to look into where you're sleeping. We spend a good part of our lives on bed, and in the midst of some passionate bedtime activities, you might not think about some reticent third-parties lurking between your sheets - bed bugs, dust mites and what-not. Our bedrooms may be our last line of defense and keeping it clean is just as important.

The Deerma CM1000 is great against annoying critters and germs, zapping them away with the UV light and powerful suction. I personally own one and, after going through many different types of bed vacuums, can say the Deerma is one powerful weapon. You can buy it here at $72.90.

4. Sterilisation Wand

For all the nooks and crannies your big-ticket sterilisation and cleaning devices can't reach. And the great thing about it is how versatile this tiny tool is - you can bring it out, or stick it into your shoe cabinet to give the interior a quick virus-busting. It uses UV-C technology as mentioned above, with the added feature of a child-lock to prevent wandering hands. This Portable Sterilising Wand ($31.59) is available here.

5. Plant Food

As we take care of what's happening around us, let's not forget to boost what's inside as well. Vitamins are invaluable in keeping our immune system healthy. As our bodies do not produce enough nutrients to sustain us, it's essential we get them from the food we eat.

Certain plants provide sustainable food and are also great at filtering the air, giving us a clean environment. For busy bees like us, smart gardens is the way to go. They are aesthetically pleasing, easy to maintain and fun for all ages. Click & Grow's Smart Garden series is the perfect habitat to nurture your plant-loving spirit - simply get the housing unit, select your pods and go! The plant pods are organic, additives-free and can be grown indoors as the unit produces its own light.

According to Click & Grow, there are 5 recommended plants to grow that will give you a good dose of vitamins:

  • Arugula - contains key vitamins like Vitamins K and A, commonly used in salads

  • Green Chard - contains magnesium, potassium and iron on top of Vitamins A, C and K, commonly used as a substitute to spinach

  • Red Chard - has bioactive compounds and 9 times higher antioxidative activity than green chard, some says it tastes like beetroot

  • Red Kale - contains a good dosage of Vitamins A, C and K as well as manganese, tastes best eaten raw

  • Romaine Lettuce - contains a good dosage of Vitamins K and A, fast-growing salad green

If you're ready to get your thumb green, check out Click & Grow's Smart Garden series, with prices starting from $99.95.

There you have it! With these mechanisms in place, you'll stay safe and sound at home. Covid, no more!

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