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Cheap Kitchen Gadgets To Help You Dish Out Your Best Recipes

Ever felt like you would fail each time you try your hands at whipping up a cooked meal? If you're like me, perhaps you want to consider getting some kitchen aids to help get your inner chef going. Time to up the game in the kitchen!

Auto Pan Stirrer

Don't you dare walk out of the kitchen for a moment while cooking up a storm for your date! What if it burns? Would takeout then be the final option?

Relax. Technology's got your back. With the Automatic Pan Stirrer with Timer, you can even take your own sweet time to concoct a cocktail or two after going for a toilet break before returning to your scrumptious attempt of a decent meal. Chop up other ingredients or get the utensils sitting in the sink going; sounds like this gadget is the ultimate time-saver! Now you can spend the bonus time you won to impress your date. This gadget is perfect for thick sauces and soups with the potential of being your best sous chef ever.

Price: $34.44

Buy it here.

2-in-1 Whisk

A whisk is essential for all bakers, whether professional or just for fun (or laughs?). But a whisk can also take up some space when it's not in use. With many homes facing the problem of a tight kitchen space, a whisk like the Joseph and Joseph Twist 2-in-1 Whisk is a joy to have. It's easy to twist into a balloon whisk, and then collapse after use; it sits nicely in a kitchen drawer and doesn't bob around, taking up more space then it should. Genius!

Price: SGD 29.90

Buy it here.

Digital Measuring Spoon

If you ever feel too lazy to dig around for your underused digital weighing scale because of the minute ingredients list, hail the Digital Measuring Spoon. This affordable spoon doubles up as a measuring scale for all sorts of ingredients, from liquids to solids. Having such a tool would definitely help reduce the number of bowls and utensils you need to wash because you can just measure and dump, straight into the mixing bowl! Less time washing and more time cooking? Score!

Price: SGD 6.60

Buy it here.

Egg Timer

Eggs are one of the most versatile food source, but can also be one of the hardest to master in terms of cooking. So if you're a huge fan of eggs, you definitely need this in your life! At $2 each and looking like an egg split into half, the Daiso Egg Timer is both cheap and cute-looking. If you're looking to cook perfectly boiled eggs - whether it's onsen-style, hard whites with a runny yolk or full-on cooked, this timer will help you achieve the end result you're looking for. So, impress your date with your egg-cooking skill; a bowl of ramen, topped with the loveliest ramen egg. Instant brownie points!

The egg timer went out of stock in 2015 for a bit (I know because I NEEDED one myself back then) but they are currently back on the shelves in all Daiso outlets! Mine is still working well from 5 years ago so there's no need for a replacement. Best $2 ever spent!

Price: SGD 2

Buy it in any Daiso outlets in Singapore.

Microwavable Popcorn Popper

Movie nights at home will never be the same again when you have your own Microwavable Popcorn Popper. Avoid paying for overpriced popcorn in cinemas and leave the pre-packaged microwavable popcorn behind - it's both expensive and unhealthy! To make your own popcorn, you can easily purchase corn kernels from supermarkets and snack your way into oblivion while binge-watching Netflix. The popcorn are freshly-popped and oh-so-delicious. If you have kids, I'm sure they will have a blast watching corn kernels pop into their favourite fluffy snacks, then enjoying it as a fam!

Price: SGD 16.67

Buy it here.

Does life in the kitchen sound less daunting now? I hope these kitchen gadgets will change your life and may you some day muster the courage to attempt complicated dishes like these 5 dishes you need to cook to become a master home chef.

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