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Is Natalie Siow Singapore’s Mirella Ponce?

How likely is it that Singaporeans will set up a Twitter account based on simping over criminal hotties? Will a fandom spread up around Natalie Siow, now that she is a legit micro-influencer? Or will she go the way of Serina Wee of City Harvest fame, out of sight, out of mind?

If you’re not sure what I’m on about, let me offer you a news refresher on the events of 9 July, 2019.

On that night, a fight broke out in the infamous Orchard Towers, outside of a nightclub called Naughty Girl Club. A 31 year old man succumbed to his injuries that night, in Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Although seven individuals excluding the victim were involved in the incident, the one who received the most coverage was the sole woman involved. Her name? Natalie Siow.

Credit: @nataliemaurerx

According to TodayOnline, she has pleaded guilty to consorting with the leader aggressor, a man named Tan Sen Yang, as well as voluntarily causing hurt to the victim. A part-time waitress at the time, she has since gained micro-influencer status and is advertising beauty products on her Instagram account. It’s hard not to compare this to Serina Wee, who famously set up a blogshop in 2014 with Sharon Tan, while both of them were undergoing trial for criminal breach of trust in the City Harvest Church case. Why not leverage the infamy gained and turn a profit?

Much like what they did for Serina Wee, a forum thread discussing Miss Siow’s physical attributes have been set up on the popular Hardwarezone forum. The thread’s title is not subtle.

Instead of talking about what she did, the comments are 99% about her appearance. Currently, the thread, which was set up last year, is at a staggering 353 pages. It is also very much active, with the most recent comment being posted just yesterday.

However, this is only a small drop in the ocean compared to the Twitter account set up by one California-based Josh Jeffrey, in the United States. Called @mugshawtys, it’s dedicated entirely to posting mugshots of smoking hot female criminals. The account currently has 235, 000 followers.

Like Serina Wee and Natalie Siow, some women convicts are trying to leverage their fame and turn it into dollars. They send him their mugshots, hoping he will post them. On the chance that more exposure equals more followers and cash.

Something wholesome has come out of it, though. Jeffrey says he’s learnt some things about the US justice system. Perhaps the most striking is that not a lot of other countries have publicly accessible mugshot databases!

Do you think one day some Singaporean could set up a Twitter or Instagram account with content that is 100% hot criminals? Based on how Serena Wee’s star has waned, I doubt it. Plus, we don’t have a public database of mugshouts to kaypoh over. Maybe one day, we could have our own convict-turned-model, a la Jeremy Meeks or Mirella Ponce. But I doubt it.


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