Is It Too Matcha To Ask: Matcha Desserts & Snacks To Indulge In

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Matcha is a type of powdered green tea that has skyrocketed in popularity in the last few years. Not only does matcha-green look pretty and very Instagram-worthy, it boost nutrition and offers a whole bunch of health benefits. It’s not uncommon to find matcha-flavoured drinks, teas and desserts in cafes and restaurants.

Unlike most food trends, matcha is definitely here to stay.

Benefits Of Matcha

Matcha green tea has one of the highest antioxidants ratings. The nutrients from the entire tea leaf can boost your immune system in general, with the antioxidants helping to lower cholesterol, blood pressure and is believed to have cancer-fighting effects on the body. In addition, consuming matcha is said to prevent diabetes, increase energy and even encouraging weight loss.

Apart from the various health benefits, matcha has smooth, pleasant, and balanced flavours, which makes it a great addition to savory dishes and sweet desserts.

Here are 7 matcha-inspired desserts and snacks you know your life will be so matcha better after trying these.

Matcha Fondue

If you simply can’t get enough of all-things matcha, then a pot of warm velvety matcha - a matcha fondue to be exact - is what you need. Imagine being able to dip your favourite fruits, desserts, food into the green tea goodness. Kagurazaka Saryo’s fondue is the one to try. Sweet white chocolate mixed with matcha is a recipe for perfection. The best part is that it’s enough for one person, so you don’t have to gather a big group in order to enjoy this dessert, or main course, your choice!

Price: $14.90

Matcha Frozen S’mores

Another dessert we would recommend from Kagurazaka Saryo is the Matcha Frozen S’mores. After all, they specialise in matcha drinks and desserts so they definitely know how to please matcha lovers with their food. This unique S’mores is made up of matcha ice cream, topped with marshmallows torched to give that charred and smoky flavour. Who needs a campfire to enjoy a little indulgence.

Price: $9.90

Matcha Cream Bun

Japan’s popular eatery, Hattendo may have closed its doors in Singapore, but their best-selling light and fluffy cream buns are still available for sale, with a PIPES by Hattendo located close to Outram MRT station. The matcha cream bun is like a fusion of a choux puff and bread, as the light and airy cream has a hint of green tea but not overly sweet.

Price: $2.70. Order online here

Matcha Tiramisu

If you, a huge fan of matcha and enjoy fluffy and bouncy souffle pancakes, then you definitely have to visit Kyushu Pancake for a teatime or supper treat with their matcha pancakes. Their pancakes are made from seven selected grains from Japan including pressed barley, purple rice and red glutinous rice to produce a light and airy pancake.

This Matcha Tiramisu is actually made of their pancakes (one of the best in Singapore, in our opinion) served with brown sugar mascarpone cheese, matcha sauce, matcha powder and paired with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side.

Price: $16.90. Check out their full menu here

Matcha Petit Gateau

A Petit Gateau essentially means small cake and this ‘small but deadly’ rich matcha cake is made by HVALA, a Japanese tea concept cafe that knows a thing or two about brewing tea and infusing them into the desserts. The Matcha Petit Gateau is for those who know how to appreciate the aroma of matcha, or the cake lovers who just can’t wait to take a bite off that creamy and layered beauty!

Price: $8.80 Islandwide delivery available. Order here

Maccha Nama Chocolate

ROYCE’ Chocolate is known for its rich chocolates and their variety of choices. Perhaps when it comes to gifts or choosing your favourite chocolates, matcha isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. We’re not surprised because of the other fancier flavours you would want to give it a try before going with a safer choice. We’d totally do the same thing. But not when it comes to the Maccha Nama Chocolate, one of my personal matcha-flavoured confectionery of all time. The dense and rich chocolate has a good balance of both the earthy matcha taste and the slight bitterness of the chocolate, without it being too heavy on the palette.

Price: $15 List of outlets here

Matcha Opera Cake

A slice of cake can really make your day, gives you the energy to work through the day and the ability to transport us to a higher level of happiness. The feeling of pure bliss is real with cakes - and I say this with experience. This matcha opera cake by JW360° at Jewel Changi is made of layers of fluffy matcha sponge, butter cream and matcha ganache. Yummy with a capital Y!

Price: $8

Matcha waiting for?

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