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Imagine Super Ring On Your Face

Credit: @planbedesignjb

Remember Super Ring? It was a little sweet, kind of salty, dangerously addictive and got your fingers all orangey. And the smell! Remember how it’d take some serious scrubbing to get it off?

Credit: tomatoartbook

Design Agency PlanBe just used their graphic design wizardry to show us what it would look like if Super Ring got into the cosmetic business.

Credit: @planbedesignjb

Credit: @planbedesignjb

Based in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, PlanBe Design describes themselves as 90s designers. In a Facebook post where they unleashed the fruits of their imagination upon the world, they state that if Super Ring did release these, it would make the hearts of teenage girls explode! I mean, imagine seeing this at Sephora.

Credit: @planbedesignjb

In the Facebook comments, cheeky followers of PlanBe Design suggested that Korean girl band, BlackPink be the ambassadors of the brand. Others point to former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, a known fan of Super Ring, as a more suitable candidate.

Credit: screencap from Facebook

Yet another commenter sagely pointed out that if Cheetos could do it, so can Super Ring, if they want to. This is in reference to Cheetos releasing their Colour De Cheetos bronzer in 2016, along with their very own perfume, named the Cheetau.

Credit: Clawdeena9 on Youtube

Readers attuned to all things fashion will also recall that Cheetos did their own runway show just last year, in 2019!

Personally, I feel that these imagined products by PlanBe Design look rather pleasing and yet troubling at once, as with all cosmetics and beauty products centered around food.

Credit: Amazon

I mean, is it edible? What if you can’t stop licking your lips? And how would it smell like? Will ants come?

If Super Ring did release their own line of beauty products, would it be short-lived like the Oreo Mascara craze of 2015? Will they market it with facial cleansers because of the psychological toll of knowing that you are putting Super Ring, which is so yummy but also so oily, on your face?

Credit: 20th Television/Disney-ABC

Would you give these products a try if they become a reality? Will you put them on your face or in your face?

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